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Business Communication

 Effective Negotiation skills
Course Synopsis

To reach an agreement that's acceptable to both parties, you'll need to negotiate effectively and have a number of key strategies and tactics at your disposal. This workshop gives the participants the opportunity to learn and practice the key business negotiation skills in a safe and friendly environment.

Course Objectives

At the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  1. Understand the elements of the "win-win" approach to negotiation
  2. Learn to use the steps to systematically prepare for any negotiation
  3. Learn to control negotiations so that they create solutions that benefit all parties
  4. Know what to consider as they prepare their negotiation strategy
  5. Learn the key steps in the negotiation process

Who Should Attend

Anyone who as part of their job has to negotiate business agreements with others.

Course Outline

At the end of the workshop, participants will learn:

1. About Negotiation
2. The Negotiation Process
3. Steps in Negotiation
4. The Negotiation Styles
5. Core Negotiation Skills
6. Communication Skills in Negotiation

Course Trainer


Course Details

Course Date : Wednesday, 19 Jun 2019
Duration : 2pm to 5pm
Venue : Hotel Grand Pacific
Course Fee - after SDF Subsidy(Inclusive of GST)
All Companies : $214
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Sorry to inform you that the registration for this Workshop is closed.