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Personal Effectiveness

 Effective Time and Stress Management
Course Synopsis

Do you ever ask "What have I done today?" Do you start the day with high hopes for accomplishing your goals but leave the work day feeling you didn't accomplish anything? Well it's time to take back control of your day and accomplish more with your time. This seminar gives you the practical time management techniques for managing time and making it work for you.

Course Objectives

At the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  1. Recognize where your time goes, and better understand how you spend it
  2. Save, and make better use of your time
  3. Decide what you really need to do, and what is better done by others
  4. Identify who and what steals your time
  5. Learn techniques for analyzing and prioritizing your workload
  6. Discover how to manage yourself and others

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to master their time, enhance their time management style, and achieve more out of life.

Course Outline

At the end of the workshop, participants will learn about

1. Getting Started
- Understanding your time management skill
- Identify the current activities and projects

2. The Big Picture
- Identify your daily routine
- Your daily routine and goal setting
- Benefits of prioritizing work accordingly to goals set
- Identify methods to help manage work priorities

3. Managing Yourself and Others
- Dealing with time-wasters
- Getting organized
- Dealing with interruptions
- Time Management Matriz

4. Managing Stress
- Identify the sources of stress
- Methods of managing stress

Course Trainer


Course Details

Course Date : Tuesday, 16 Jul 2019
Duration : 9am to 12noon
Venue : Hotel Grand Pacific
Course Fee - after SDF Subsidy(Inclusive of GST)
All Companies : $214
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