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HR Management

 Effective Handling of Employee Discipline and Grievances
Course Synopsis

One of the basic management skills HR practitioners, line managers, executives and supervisors who have dealing with subordinates should possess is the ability to maintain workforce discipline and handle employee grievances at work in order to create an orderly work environment where people can conduct themselves to agreed standards of behavior. Fair and prompt resolution of disciplinary issues and employee grievances is also vital to avoid unnecessary conflict and potential incidents at work.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

 1. Identify the difference between employee discipline and employee grievance
 2. Understand the disciplinary procedure
 3. Understand the grievance procedure
 4. Determine if employer can dismiss an employee who commits a misconduct

Who Should Attend

HR Practitioners, Line Managers, Executives and Supervisors who have a shared responsibility in handling employee discipline and grievances

Course Outline

 1. The difference between Discipline and Grievance
 2. Why the need to discipline
 3. Codes of Conduct (minor and major misconduct)
 4. The Disciplinary Line and Procedure
 5. The 'Hot Stove Rule' in discipline
 6. The due process leading to dismissal
 7. Types of grievances
 8. The Grievance Handling Process
 9. How grievance is addressed and resolved
 10. Labour legislations governing both the Discipline and Grievance handling procedures

Course Trainer

Mr Andy Lim

Mr Andy Lim is the co-founder and Director of Universal Stage Pte Ltd. He leads the Strategic Initiative division where he works in partnership with companies on various high value projects to enhance their business capabilities by adopting a holistic approach to integrate multiple management ideologies into long term business process planning.

Using his vast experiences in consulting and close working relationships with companies, Andy designs and develops programmes that are practical and applicable to the workplace. His ability to bring real-life examples in interesting and witty way into his programme delivery has brought him praises from learners.

Participants have awarded him with the highest level Five ratings as the lead facilitator for the Max Talent Programme, a place and train programme by WDA from 2012 to 2014 to assist Professional, Managers and Executives (PMEs) to secure gainful employment to Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SMEs) through a six months initiative which includes a three-day workshop and a monitoring framework with the use of a Talent Resource Kit designed, developed and delivered exclusively by Universal Stage Pte Ltd.

Andy is the lead facilitator for few public run courses under Universal Stage, to name a few such as Secrets of Customer Service, Managing Difficult Customers and Situations, Effective Handling of Employee Discipline and Grievances and KPI with Performance Management. Programmes facilitated by Andy have received excellent review from learners. Andy also conducts customized in-house programme for companies from different industries including trading, construction, medical, beauty and wellness, manufacturing, retail and F&B.

Course Details

Course Date : Friday, 11 Oct 2019
Duration : 9am to 6pm
Venue : Hotel Grand Pacific
Course Fee - after SDF Subsidy(Inclusive of GST)
All Companies : $519
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