Workshop on Managing Difficult Customers and Situations

"What an enjoyable class! Trainer is fun and engaging. Training team provided excellent customer service. Not only were they warm, friendly and helpful, they supported us throughout the entire process. With the knowledge gained through the sharing of information, I am able to apply it back to my workplace. This training programme works!”
 Siti Noor
 Hotel Industry

"Trainer is knowledgeable and jovial, sharing many relevant examples that I could apply back to my workplace. I have learnt to be calm and not react when handling difficult customers. Training team is very warm, vibrant and friendly. They went the extra mile to ensure we were all taken care of. I would highly recommend my friends and colleagues to attend this workshop!”
 Triston Lee
 Construction Industry

"Excellent delivery by the trainer. He shared practical examples that engage everyone. It has taught me how to deal with my colleagues and clients and now I can communicate with difficult ones more effectively.”
 Ben See
 Construction Industry

"Through this workshop, I have learnt how to manage unreasonable customers and to embrace obstacles as challenges. The trainer has a great sense of humour and an excellent skillset. I would definitely recommend my colleagues to attend training programmes organised by Universal Stage. Well done!”
 Jasmine Liu
 Marine & Shipping Industry

"Trainer is very engaging and knowledgeable in the subject matter. It was presented in a way that was stimulating and easy to understand. Training team is fantastic and provided great administrative support. I have learnt to take pride in my work and apply the “Customer First Framework” when dealing with them.”
 Fasihah Lim
 Marine & Shipping Industry

"Engaging trainer kept a good pace and kept the class lively. Role play scenarios provided us a first-hand experience on how to deal with difficult customers and situations. Highly recommended!”
 Felicity Ong
 Furniture Industry

"It was a joyful experience for me as the trainer was highly knowledgeable. I have learnt how to be patient to my colleagues and customers, especially those who are impatient and demanding. Great job Universal Stage!”
 Yeo Boon Hee
 Furniture Industry

"This workshop was very hands-on and Mr Andy made it very interesting and easy to learn. From the news articles to the videos being shared, I find myself able to absorb and I look forward to apply the different strategies on managing difficult customers and situations whenever I am faced with them. Ms Selina and Pamela are very joyful, energetic and helpful throughout the class.”
 Cheong Jiun Soon
 Technology Industry

"I have never been in training that I have remained intrigued and engaged throughout the entire time. I have learnt to embrace problems as challenges and to take pride in my role. Ms Selina and Pamela are very friendly, supportive and attentive to our needs. I would highly recommend this workshop to my colleagues and friends!”
 Lim Hai Siong
 Automobile Industry

"A very worthwhile and practical training course that kept me interested and engaged from start to finish. This is a fantastic workshop! Very well paced and I loved how creative Mr Andy was in his delivery and facilitation. Ms Selina and Pamela are very friendly, helpful & passionate in recommending new programmes to us. Keep it up! Look forward to other courses!”
 Yon Chee Hong
 Technology Industry

"This is a terrific and hands-on program that left me inspired and highly energized; feeling much more influential with many actionable take-aways I can apply immediately in my workplace and personal life. Ms Selina and her team were very responsive and provided excellent customer service. Highly recommended workshop!”
 Park Jinhyeon
 Marine Industry

"The skills that I learnt can be related back to the problems that I face daily in my work. Very well paced and I loved how creative Mr Andy was in his delivery and facilitation. As I stepped into the workshop venue, I was warmly greeted by Ms Selina and Pamela. Their wide smiles brightened my day and they ensured everything went smoothly from start to finish.”
 Giselle Nam
 Real Estate Industry

"This workshop exceeded my expectations. The interactions with Mr Andy, Ms Selina and Pamela ensured the learning was fun and interactive. Great teamwork and fantastic customer service provided. Ms Selina and Pamela are polite, professional and went the extra mile to ensure all of us were well taken care of. Thank you!”
 Marcus Yeoh
 Automobile Industry

"Having worked in Singapore for the past 10 years and now being an Operations Manager in the Service Industry, I have to deal with difficult and demanding customers and situations on a daily basis. When I heard Universal Stage has this workshop on “Managing Difficult Customers and Situations”, I immediately enrolled for it. A million thanks Universal Stage! It's been always wonderful to participate in your classes. The time and effort you gave to all the trainees are quite special. Knowing all participants by heart and your engagement in all of the activities, giving insights and sharing your own personal experiences are phenomenal. Now I am highly equipped with the knowledge and skills to embrace problems as challenges, the ability to effectively handle all types of customers and most importantly to love my customers. Highly recommended workshop!”
 Charina Llagas
 Service Industry

"Universal Stage's program of "Managing Difficult Customers and Situations" helps us to be more aware of our approach and engagement with customers. Most importantly, learning how to overcome situations and build long term relationship with our customer. Mr Andy made the lesson very fun and easy to understand as he shared his experiences, stories and examples. Indeed I have been blessed by the program. I do find it effective, useful and easy to apply. Will continue to practise the principles and techniques in managing people and situation. I have written to Joel, a recommendation letter to encourage other colleagues to attend the next upcoming course. Lastly, thank you for facilitating and making it such a wonderful time for us to learn. I'm a happy customer and would highly recommend people to attend this workshop!”
 Ngang Jing Wei
 Marine Shipping Industry

"Problems and proposed solution approaches are practical, especially in an international clientale based company. This workshop was indeed engaging and interactive. A definite fun way to spend the entire day learning. Through little anecdotes of previous experiences as told by Mr Andy and Ms Selina, as well as the role play sessions, it allows us to relate to ourselves and think about how we would have reacted or do if put through similar situations and possibly avoid unpleasant outcomes. Many thanks to Mr Andy, Ms Selina and Pamela for making the course such a pleasant experience. And thanks for the framed photo for all of us too!”
 Jaron Ng
 Marine Shipping Industry

"Mr Andy is very engaging, using stories we could relate to on how difficult customers can be. Role playing exercise was a good hands-on experience. Highly recommended workshop!”
 Nigel Tan
 Marine Shipping Industry

"Scenario demonstration is the best part of this workshop! I have greatly benefitted from this program and will apply what I have learnt when dealing with customers in the future. The training team is very friendly and provided excellent customer service. Thumbs up!”
 Aw Hong Seng
 Engineering Industry

"This workshop gave me more confidence to handle daily situations with customers. I have learnt how to handle unreasonable customers, deal with unexpected situations and better manage demeaning requests from customers. Great job Universal Stage!”
 Rachel Lee
 Real Estate Industry

"This program is highly relevant and practical as I am now able to apply the techniques taught back at my workplace to be used to handle difficult customers. The program not only was an eye opener for me but provided a refreshing change for me to learn new tips and the 3 golden rules. I have greatly benefitted from this program and highly recommend others to attend!”
 Kamarudianah Bte Kemat
 Cleaning and Hygiene Industry

"The program was delivered in a very energetic mode. Participants are mostly kept focused and alert of topic due to the high interaction level provided by Mr Andy. Topics are customized to service context and well delivered. Ms Selina have been very quick and effective in executing the whole workshop and programs for the trainees. Customer service is very good and Ms Selina is very prompt with customers’ queries. Kudos to your service. The level of service rendered by your staff is great. They were attentive and response is very quick. Registration was swift. The smile on their faces brightens the days for the trainees as well. Will introduce the workshop to other colleagues!”
 Regina Woo
 Real Estate Industry

"Mr Andy provided relevant examples and role plays which I can apply back to my workplace. Universal Stage training team was responsive in answering our queries and provided excellent customer service. Will be recommending this workshop to my colleagues and friends. Highly recommended workshop!”
 Vivian Ng
 Real Estate Industry

“I found this workshop to be very beneficial. Mr Andy was very engaging throughout the entire workshop. Ms Selina and her training team were very organized, provided excellent customer service and great administrative support. This workshop has increased my level of confidence at work and has allowed me to be in a position to manage complaints from customers more effectively. I would highly recommend this workshop and all of Universal Stage Training Programmes to everyone!”
 Rupert Cacananta
 Food & Beverage Industry

"Mr Andy is a wonderful trainer! He made the class very fun and interactive. As a Sales Manager, I have to face customers on a daily basis. Through this workshop, I’ve learnt the 3 golden keys to managing customers. Ms Selina and her team was very responsive and provided excellent customer service. I would highly recommend my colleagues and friends to attend this workshop!”
 Hotel Industry

"I have never attended such a great and interesting workshop like this where I was highly energised throughout the entire session. The trainer, Mr Andy did a fantastic job by keeping us engaged and sharing real-life examples with us. I would highly recommend this workshop to my colleagues and friends as it will benefit them."
 Tan Wei Siong
 Hotel Industry

"Great job, Mr Andy! I learnt a lot from his real-life experiences. Selina and her training team is excellent. This workshop has equipped me with relevant skills to handle rude customers in the hotel. I would highly recommend this workshop to my colleagues and friends."
 Urvashi Negi
 Hotel Industry

"Through this workshop, I have learnt the different ways to handle difficult customers in different situations. Mr Andy did a great job by engaging us throughout the entire session. Well done Universal Stage!"
 Joey Chua
 Hotel Industry

"Mr Andy was highly energized throughout the entire workshop and he provided useful tips and strategies in dealing with difficult customers. I have learnt what it means to be a High Performance Individual. As I stepped into the workshop, I was warmly greeted by Ms Selina and Pamela. Great customer service provided!"
 Sharon Chay
 Hotel Industry

"Mr Andy is fun and engaging. Selina and her training team provided excellent customer service. This workshop taught me various techniques on how to handle difficult customers over the phone. I would highly recommend this workshop as it is useful and I am able to apply it back to my workplace."
 Serena Kong
 Hotel Industry

"Mr Andy is very fair and engaging. He ensured that everyone had a chance to participate in the activities."
 Nur Isnawati
 Hotel Industry

"Training team from Universal Stage provided very good quality service! I would highly recommend this programme to others."
 Woon Siew Moi
 Motor Industry

"The workshop is fun and we enjoyed it! Thank you very much! What a valuable input and constructive suggestion Mr Andy has provided. Ms Selina and her training team provided excellent services and made us feel very good. I would highly recommend this programme to everyone. A must go training workshop!”
 Tan Chin Jie
 HR & Payroll Solution Industry

"Highly recommended for people in the service line. Class was full of different scenarios for participants to practice. Excellent workshop that teaches really practical skills!”
 Eileen Gwee
 Rehabilitation Industry

“The use of case scenarios was useful and interesting. The categories of different customers were easy to apply in real life situations. Highly recommended workshop!”
 Denise Lee
 Rehabilitation Industry

"Mr Andy is excellent and gave his 101% effort in conducting the training. Selina and her training team provided great customer service. This workshop taught me how to deal with my residents in Banyan Home and how to communicate with difficult ones more effectively. I would highly recommend my case managers to attend this workshop."
 Roy Lim
 Rehabilitation Industry

"Mr Andy is knowledgeable and gave his 101% effort in conducting the training. Selina and her training team is very warm, vibrant and friendly. This workshop taught me how to deal with my residents in Banyan Home and how to communicate with difficult ones more effectively. I would highly recommend my case managers to attend this workshop."
 Derek Phang
 Rehabilitation Industry

"Mr Andy is very engaging. The session is light-hearted yet fruitful. It not only helps us identify the situation, it helps in applying the correct strategies more effectively. I would recommend this programme to my colleagues and friends. Mr Andy is very engaging and Ms Selina and her training team is extremely friendly.”
 Joyce Zhu
 Technology Industry

"Mr Andy is a very effective and engaging trainer. Universal Stage training team provided friendly & excellent customer service. I would highly recommend this workshop to others!”
 Kelly Wong
 Technology Industry

"Mr Andy gave many useful case studies that help me in dealing with difficult customers. I have learnt how to empathise with my customers to secure trust with them. At the same time, apologise for gaps and provide recommendations if need to. Highly recommended for this excellent workshop!”
 Chong Kai Hui
 Technology Industry

"Mr Andy is humorous and has delivered the training effectively. He is able to provide real-life examples for us to learn from."
 Wendy Lim
 Technology Industry

"This workshop was planned very well! Mr Andy has a great sense of humour and an excellent skillset. I would definitely recommend my colleagues to attend training programmes organised by Universal Stage. Well done!"
 Justin Lye
 Food & Beverage Industry

"I would highly recommend my colleagues to attend this workshop! I have learnt the strategies needed to effectively handle difficult customers and situations and will apply these strategies in my work and personal life. Great job Universal Stage!"
 Sally Low
 Food & Beverage Industry

"Very relevant pointers to identify difficult customers and scenarios and the strategies to effectively handle them, presented by a very effective trainer, Mr Andy Lim. He is not only knowledgeable but he shares his personal experiences in a humerous way to keep the session fun and engaging throughout the day."
 Joel Ooi
 Marine Shipping Industry

"Mr Andy is excellent and pointers are relevant and highly applicable to the work that I am involved in. Selina and her training team are very friendly and supportive. This workshop has equipped me with the relevant skills needed to handle the sales and marketing personnel more effectively. I would highly recommend this workshop!"
 Serena Teo
 Marine Shipping Industry

"It was a joyful experience for me as Mr Andy was highly knowledgeable and through the case studies, it helped me to understand how to manage difficult customers and situations better. Great job Universal Stage!"
 Tan Siew Wai
 Childcare Industry

"Mr Andy is excellent and has a great sense of humour. I was energized throughout the entire training. Team Universal Stage is fantastic and they provided great administrative support and excellent customer service. This workshop has equipped me with skills to handle children’s parents who can be difficult at times. Now I am more confident to deal with difficult situations. Highly recommended workshop!"
 Ann Jee Too
 Childcare Industry

"Mr Andy did a fantastic job and he made the class interesting and not boring at all! Kudos to Universal Stage for the wonderful arrangement and for surprising us with door gifts as well. I would highly recommend this excellent workshop to everyone!"
 Tan Kui Sin
 IT Industry

"Excellent and effective delivery by the trainer, Mr Andy. He shared relatable examples that engage everyone. Selina and her training team is great, polite and professional. I have learnt how to be patient to customers, especially those who talk very fast. Highly recommended workshop!"
 Tee Chin Shiun
 IT Industry
Workshop on Secrets of Customer Service

"Agreed the programme can be applicable in all aspect of life & not just work."
 Lim Cheow Koon
 Wholesale Industry

"An eye-opening programme to be applied at work and personal life. Highly recommended and appreciate Universal Stage in organizing this programme!"
 Chng Chor Liang
 Wholesale Industry

"Fun and interacting programme! Had lots of fun and trainer engages with every participant well. The rest of the staff: Selina, Pamela, Cheryl, Joy, Deshawn and Christina are very friendly, helpful & passionate in introducing this programme to us. Keep it up! Look forward to other courses!"
 Cynthia Lin
 Wholesale Industry

"Kudos to the management, being in customer service so long & still thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Keep up the good job!"
 Barbara Lee
 Newspaper Publishing Industry

"Very effective in changing mindset of an individual. Can bring out change (positively) in the service industry."
 Joy Buensuceso Flores
 Fashion and Lifestyle Industry

"This is actually my first time attending a workshop by Universal Stage. At first, when my colleague introduced me this course I was like, “ do we really need to do this?”. After the class, I feel that this helps me a lot and I’m so thankful to everyone from Andy to his team. Thank you!"
 Arceo Irene Arguillis
 Dental Industry

"It sounds boring at first when I received the email invitation of the programme. But I was wrong, no regrets of attending, it was fun yet able to bring back with lots of new learning. Kudos to the whole team as well, well arranged and coordinated."
 Grace Lin
 Pharmaceutical Industry

"Good delivery and control of time. First time I ever attended a course / seminar with birthday celebration. Good surprise for the Birthday Girls!"
 Preston Yu
 Mattresses & Bedding Industry

"Best workshop of the year (2016) for me!"
 Angus Ang
 Thai Restaurant Industry

"This customer service course is very “’wow” effective. Many surprises and the course is very well delivered. It is a “bite size” and easy for us to “take back” and practice. Very well done team & keep it up."
 Jacqueline Lim
 Luxury Watch Industry

"Very enjoyable, happy, funny and value added workshop. Will definitely recommend to my company and friends. Thank you!"
 Lindy Koh
 Jewellery Industry

"Trainer was definitely very entertaining and positive. His attitude will directly influence yours and assist us in future. Everything is very good. Thumbs up!"
 Zac Liang
 Electrical Engineering Industry

 Isabel Wong
 Engineering & Trading Industry

"Good Trainer and life-changing stories."
 Guo Lin
 Food Beverage Industry

"Engaging, full of laughter."
 Jean Tan
 Underwater Services Industry

"Trainer kept the lesson interesting and shared many relevant stories."
 Jasper Ong
 Underwater Services Industry

"Trainer is a friendly and jovial person."
 Jenny Heng
 Health Food Industry

"Well done! Had a very happy experience."
 Irene Yeo
 Health Food Industry

"I really enjoyed this programme and I have learnt the 7 Secrets of Customer Service. I will try my best to practice it and apply it in life. The trainer is a fun and motivated speaker and I strongly recommend this workshop to anyone who is thinking and serious about improving customer service. Good Job!"
 Tan Koon Nguan
 Construction Industry

"The trainer have shown a lot of examples to let us know what he is presenting. It is much more useful than reading through the text. He made it enjoyable. Had gain from this workshop. Thanks Trainer!"
 Teo Sze Shun
 Construction Industry

"It is very interesting & I will try to come back for more programmes."
 Adeline Tang
 Furniture Industry

"The trainer did well on presenting the programme. Communicate well with participants. Well done!"
 Muhammad sarmadi Bin Kassim
 Gaming Industry

"The trainer's courses have always been very funny. I have always enjoyed attending his courses."
 Chua Xiuhuan
 Confectionary Industry

"I will share this Secrets of Customer Service Programme to my friends."
 Evonne Tan Siew Mui
 Retail Industry

"Trainer was interesting and engaging during the session!"
 Jasmine Neo
 Gaming Industry

"Interesting! Engaging! Informative!"
 Viki Ong
 Engineering Industry

"Well done. Keep it up."
 Tina Tan
 Marine Industry

"Programme is entertaining and fun."
 Jaymie Ong
 Training Industry

"Interesting, fun and Keep it up. Will share with my colleagues"
 Connie Chong Chai Lian
 Electrical Industry

"Impactful illustrations of points shared."
 Casey Goh
 Construction Industry

"Well done!"
 Liew Mee Sim
 Marine Industry

"Trainer is a great facilitator. Able to use real life incidents to relate back to the teaching he is sharing. He keeps the participants in check which is important in a training. Will recommend him to all companies for training."
 Sam Wong
 Engineering & Trading Industry

"It was fun to attend the course. A few knowledge we can not only use at work but also in our personal life. Thank you trainer for teaching us how to be positive always in life."
 Law Kai Lin Carene@NurLiyana Law
 Medical Industry

"This is the first time having attended a service course, I find it very entertaining and I've learned a lot from this course. This workshop will keep you awake at all times. Keep it up, Universal Stage!"
 Lisa Agusti
 Medical Industry

"Trainer was very good in using practical and life experiences to demonstrate points. The course is an excellent reminder on customer service in the hectic work environment we are in where workers often become "Zombies". A good course to bring them back alive!"
 Yoro Tan Yuan Chong
 Film & Video Industry

"We appreciated this course as it helps us on some of the detail that apply on our job scope. And also the course is quite interesting and it won't get bored or sleepy. We can learn a lot of things from here."
 Chan Yin Ru
 Restaurant Industry

"Universal Stage Programmes will help your staff learn more about their jobs and themselves, which will develop the company in the near future."
 Lin YiJing
 Retail Industry

"A jubilant and fun way of understanding and learning otherwise difficult customer service principles. Well done, Trainer!"
 Gilbert Loo
 Air-Conditioning Industry

"The trainer is a very helpful and cheerful trainer."
 Lowena Loo
 E-Commerce Ticketing Industry

"A short but effective programme that imparts practical solutions for enhancing customer service from the heart. Good job!"
 Wu YuXuan
 Restaurant Industry

"Trainer was both a great speaker and entertainer. His examples all hit home and were very relatable and easy to digest."
 Marinah Musa
 Film & Video Industry

"Well done. 200% engagement!"
 Daisy Tan
 Consulting Industry

"Very interesting workshop. Fun & lively presentation which helps to get the participants engaged. Cool!"
 Lim Swee Mein
 Advertising Industry

"This programme is engaging, which helps in keeping one's attention and it makes learning more fun."
 Angelina Tan
 Financial Services Industry

Workshop on Employment Act and its Practical Applications

"I have not attended HR-related courses for a long time so it is refreshing to attend a course that covers & updates on many Employment Act matters. The new changes include additional protection on hours of work, overtime pay and rest days for more employees. With these knowledge, it will help me to work more efficiently and ensure my employees are treated fairly."
 Tham Shook Han
 Investment Industry

"I’ve learnt the importance of reviewing the employment agreements and employee handbook to ensure that the terms and conditions stated are compliant with that of these changes from 1 April 2019. Previously, I did not know there are new changes coming up from 1 April 2019 so attending this workshop broadened my HR knowledge greatly. The Q&A session was very beneficial too."
 Thalvin Sandhu
 Children Education Industry

"Being a HR assistant in my company, my scope of work includes recruitment, payroll and on boarding. Coming for this workshop on Employment Act has opened my eyes to the world of HR. In the past, I did not know the proper procedures on termination of contract but now I am equipped with the knowledge. This way, it increases my contribution to the company."
 Lau Shie Pei
 Recycling Industry

"With the knowledge gained from this workshop, I am able to detect unauthorised salary deductions like air ticket for home leave. This helps me to increase my performance at work and helps my company to save on unnecessary costs."
 Gina Kang
 Food Industry

"Through this workshop, I learnt the proper way on how HR personnel should terminate staff and what are the retrenchment benefits. In the past, I was not aware of the proper procedures but now I am able to apply what I have learnt."
 Angela Chua
 Church Industry

"Useful workshop! Universal Stage went the extra mile to help me beyond understanding the Employment Act to other areas of HR where I needed advice in. They were able to provide me with the right information so that I can do the right things. Training team provided excellent customer service. They were very friendly and made me feel comfortable. Highly recommended workshop!"
 Janet Goh
 Construction Industry

"Informative workshop! I can apply what I’ve learnt back to my workplace. The trainer is dynamic and knowledgeable. Training team was pleasant, provided great customer service and was effective in reaching out and recommending this great workshop to me. Highly recommended!"
 Jennifer Khoo
 Food & Beverage Industry

"The course lived up to its name. Many practical applications were discussed during the training session. The facilitator is good and has lots of experience. Also, the course is lively and highly interactive!"
 Lydia Boey
 Air Conditioning Industry

"The programme is interesting and the trainer shared many real life examples. Materials are useful and Universal Stage staff are very friendly and helpful."
 Tan Siew Luan
 Engineering Industry

"Plenty of learning, very current cases for application purpose and trainer was able to get all participants to contribute which made 2 way learning effective and lively. Highly recommended workshop!"
 Imelda Ahmad
 Education Industry

"Fantastic trainer. Easy to listen to him. Good real life examples that is relatable."
 Wah Ai Choo Basilisa
 Engine Oil Industry

"Comprehensive 1-day course covering a vast area of Employment Act, and related MOM regulations."
 Justina Lim
 Shipping Industry

"The trainer and Universal Stage staff are very friendly. I look forward to attending more of Universal Stage workshops!"
 May Tan
 Security Industry

"This is my 2nd time attending the same course, I have new things to learn this time as well, hope future courses of same kind is as informative and useful! Keep up the good work!"
 Elsey Chang
 Jewellery Industry

"Trainer is a subject matters expert and has very in-depth knowledgeable of the Employment Act. The Ustage team is also very attentive and extremely well organized. Highly recommended session."
 Medha Gupta
 Software Industry

"Facilitator is very knowledgeable & the class sharing was helpful. Location of seminar is very ideal. Organizers representatives are very friendly."
 Christina Goh
 IT Industry

"The information shared regarding the revised Employment Act was informational and interactive. I would definitely recommend to other companies if the opportunity arises!"
 Ong Si Ying
 Technology Industry

"Ustage seminars are relaxing & fun. Good to attend & shall promote more to other friends or similar trade industry."
 Angela Seah
 Food Industry

"In depth knowledge of trainer, fruitful session."
 Michelle Huang
 Logistics Industry

"The course was informational and planned well."
 Sharon Lois Eunice
 Technology Industry

"Enjoyable and enlightening course!"
 Lydia Boey
 Air Conditioning Industry

"Universal Stage Pte Ltd has never failed to enrich us with knowledge that has benefit to our organization."
 Daphane Liao
 Engineering Industry

"Trainer is a very remarkable speaker. Universal Stage Pte Ltd also managed the workshop very well."
 Merelyn Domingo
 IT Industry

"Very helpful. Everything is great!"
 Nur Aisyah Binte Zulkifli
 Architecture Industry

"Well done! Learnt lots of useful things."
 Irene Ooi Cai Ling
 Food Industry

"Good session. It does learn some of my doubts and also learn some good practices."
 Pung Chiew Teh
 Technology Industry

"Good Job. Well organized."
 Irene Ng
 Technology Industry

"Learnt the most important information that can apply on Job immediately. Thank you!"
 Veronica Tan
 Healthcare Industry

"Very useful training for me."
 Chen Li
 Technology Industry

"My first session with Universal Stage, I find the workshop very engaging and understood better in the EA which will definitely help me at work. I would recommend to all interested applicant. Keep it up."
 Kristy Siew
 Technology Industry

"Thank you for the realistic applications examples cited in workshop."
 Jasmine Tay
 Food & Beverage Industry

"Good Trainer, informative, conducive environment and good food."
 Paul Lim Wee Pao
 Consulting Industry

"The trainer has shared a lot of practical experience which really benefits me. I am a newbie in HR world and Trainer has guided us along. Really appreciate her efforts and clear explanation."
 Tiffany Choo Sui Siang
 Consulting Industry

"Very enriching programme."
 Jean Teo
 Construction Industry

"Excellent Trainer & contents covered. Will introduce to others on other courses or current course. Definitely will come back for another course."
 Angeline Seah
 Food Industry

"Outstanding, experienced and entertaining speaker. Enjoyed throughout and gained lots of knowledge!"
 Liew Shi Hui
 Food Industry

"Very Informative!!! Well done."
 Marian Christine San Agustin
 Food & Beverage Industry

"This is my 3rd participation with Universal Stage & the trainer. Very clear, concise details given. Interesting course, gained knowledge. Good place to conduct the course. Good food too!"
 Shelley Chow
 Healthcare Industry

"Trainer is still a great facilitator. Clear & precise. Engaging. Enjoy Universal Stage's updating on courses available."
 Mariko Yang
 Medical Industry

"Thank you for the sharing."
 Pauline Tan
 Food & Beverage Industry

"I don't know much about HR, as i'm very new to this. Attending this course can let me have a clear look at what a HR really does & learn more about their JD. Keep it up"
 Merissa Lim
 Food Industry

"An informative and enjoyable workshop. Trainer is a fabulous facilitator, she is interactive & lively throughout the workshop"
 Cheah Lay Ching
 Technology Industry

"Well done!"
 Sum Yoke Yin
 Technology Industry

"Well done! Keep it up!"
 Mao Xiao Ling
 Technology Industry

"Another wonderful and engaged workshop by Ustage."
 Poh Ching Hong
 Environmental Industry

"This is the 2nd course I have attended by Universal Stage. Each time I feel very refreshed. The course is very well conducted and trainer is very knowledgeable! Well done! Will refer my other colleague to attend! "
 Elsey Chang
 Jewellery Industry

"Thumbs up! Will definitely be sitting in for more workshops along with my other colleagues. Thank you very much."
 Isabel Wong
 Engineering Industry

"This is the 2nd time I've attended classes held by Universal Stage. Session provided was informative. I like the way how the trainer interacts with the participants. I will recommend my friend for the class too."
 Au Wee Ling
 Air Conditioning Industry

"It has been very engaging. The lesson was broken down into parts for easy understanding. Good job!"
 Zhuo Fenghui
 Advertising Industry

"Very good. Should attend to avoid conflicts."
 Doreena Seow
 Insurance Industry

"Awesome & Excellent. Great Job."
 Florence Lim
 Healthcare Industry

"Trainer is very knowledgeable in the topic & able to use relevant examples for easy understanding."
 Adeline Chan Siang Hee
 Aerospace Industry

"Was well presented. Will encourage friends for this course."
 Morrine Madeline Henson
 Security Industry

"Well presented for this course."
 Lawrence Tan Kia Hwee
 Logistics Industry

"One of the best short courses I've attended in terms of trainer, venue and course materials. Well done, Universal Stage."
 Nancy Teo
 Consulting Industry

"Easy registration for the workshop.Fast response from the organizer. Convenient venue. Well Set-up. Sumptuous meal. Experience trainer. Useful and fruitful workshop by Universal Stage!"
 Theresa Yeo
 Transportation Industry

"Group size was kept small and interactions at will. Participants have sufficient time to address with trainer their work environment, conditions, work issues and seek clarification. Materials and information condensed and easily understood."
 Alicia Tan
 Advertising Industry

"This is one of those lectures that are so lively and was able to capture my full attention. Trainer proves herself to be an experienced person and was clear in her illustration. I would definitely be delighted to attend another session conducted by her."
 Tay Peck Ngam
 Security Industry

"Very Good Program – Will recommend to HR Practioners & SME Business Owners"
 Geoffry Johannes
 Tobacco Industry

"As always, very well organised. Thanks!"
 Yun Chan
 Food Industry

"I can understand better of the Employment Act. Trainer is very knowledgeable. The organizers are helpful. Thank you."
 Anna Goh
 Engineering Industry

"Most of the feedback on important regulations very well explained with examples."
 Perry Ramzeen
 Technology Industry

"Training materials are good, conducive training environment and trainer was able to captivate audience’s interest."
 Sonia Ng
 Logistics Industry

"Very useful in the industry."
 Sherri Wu
 Healthcare and Safety Industry

"Overall Good!"
 Ian Hang In
 Security Services Industry

"Training is well conducted and informative. We thank Ms Selina & her team for taking care of us. Keep up the excellent work!"
 Loong Sweet Ying
 Investment Industry

"Detailed explanation of changes and reasons behind why changes are implemented. Insightful session."
 Fiona Foo
 Food Industry

"Trainer has quoted many examples that are relevant to us. Good job! Keep it up."
 Chrysan Cheng
 Childcare Education Industry

"Interesting. Will look out for the other workshop"
 Linda Ng
 Childcare Education Industry

"Meeting the objectives we are here for."
 Steven Leong
 Investment Industry

"Good food, Good room!"
 Foo Siew Kuen
 Engineering Industry

"Keep it up, its a good course and I look forward to more such course "
 Doreen Tan
 Car Industry

"Well done! Will definitely recommend to friends & colleagues!"
 Maricar Sambnani
 Food Industry

"Very informative & fruitful session. Learnt a lot out of this session."
 Wang ZhenShan
 Photography Service Industry

"The trainer is very good!"
 Eileen Lim
 Retail Industry

"Interesting. It's a huge help for people like us"
 Danielle Dimacali
 Wellness Industry

"Interesting & Lifely workshop. Good."
 Rachel Thin
 Manufacturing Industry

"Good Trainer, very Knowledgable!"
 Jeffrey Musni
 Furniture Manufacturing Industry

"A very lively & humorous way to deliver what is a very dry subject."
 Lee Kong Peng & Florence Chai
 Manufacturing Industry

"Very knowledgeable trainer and very enlightening training session. Thank you."
 Agnes Lim
 Aviation Industry

"Clear & detailed illustrations of Employment Act"
 Alicia Seow
 Technology Industry

"As part of SME, we usually wear multiple hats. Learning alot Employment Act was good knowledge & enlightening. As we want to improve our benefits & priviledges to staff, as well as know our rights as employers, according to the law. Trainer is a great trainer, with good knowledge & anecdotes. Selina is an excellent face for Universal Stage! Appreciate her professionalism."
 Melissa Yeow-Jong
 Communications Industry

"Among many other short-term workshops invitation i have received, i always prefer the one organized by Universal Stage since the workshops i attended are well organized & i have really learnt"
 Wong Yun Tang
 Software Industry

"I have learnt a great deal from this one-day workshop. It certainly saves alot of time for someone like me who has busy schedule in handling multiple tasks as a SME manager"
 Lim Peck Hui
 Technology Industry

"Very imformative course with most queries answered."
 Lee Xin Yi
 Consultancy Industry

"Trainer sharing his experiences; trainer is humorous; good level of Q&A and FAQ"
 Agnes Tan
 IT Industry

"The introduction to the labour history of Singapore was the most entertaining/engaging that I have heard. Great Presenter"
 Lucqman Hussin
 Oil & Gas Industry

"Relevant topics in the Employment Act that were relevant and applicable to work were discussed"
 Ezra Er
 Offshore Engineering Industry

"What I liked best is that there were real case studies to elaborate on the Employment Act"
 Daphne Soh
 Oil & Gas Industry

"Good presentation with real life situation analysis"
 Catherine Chan
 Medical Industry

"Mr Chia’s real life experience sharing allowed us to understand the logic behind the Employment Act"
 Yap Boon Yee
 Service Industry

"The trainer is an excellent and knowledgeable speaker. Have gained insight in the “spirit” of the law through this training"
 Ruby Goh
 Management Service Industry

"The instructor is well-informed and very knowledgeable and was able to answer most of my misconception on some of MOM’s rules and regulations"
 Marina Rahman
 IT & Communications Industry

"The trainer was fantastic in his delivery and sharing his knowledge and experiences. He was witty and humorous and this is the best session I have attended"
 Shaun Eric
 Security Industry

"Trainer has imparted his past experiences and knowledge of today’s subject very generously and passionately. My attention and interest to learn from him maintained throughout the day due to his high level of energy"
 June Gwee
 Community & Social Industry

"Trainer brings with him well of knowledge and background relevant to this topic"
 Michelle Lee
 Customer Care Industry

"Mr Chia is the best trainer/speaker so far for HR policies that I have attended"
 Peng Hui
 Service Industry

"Mr Chia is a great instructor. Although it’s a 7 hours programme, he is able to capture our interest and provide real-life experience to support our learning"
 Adeline Pay
 Childcare Industry

"Overall it was entertaining and enlightening"
 Susan Low
 Technology Industry

"Trainer with good solid experience and shares real case studies"
 Stephen Kwan
 HR Solutions Industry

"The trainer was fantastic in delivery and sharing his knowledge and experiences. Witty, humorous. The best session I have attended"
 Shawn Eric
 Security Industry

"Liked the trainer’s extensive knowledge and experience; trainer’s ability to sustain participants’ interest"
 Melody Low
 Aerostructures Industry

"The speaker was able to give an excellent class with humor/information and vast experience and knowledge"
 Ratha Kaneson
 Medical Industry

"Instructor was engaging and clearly an expert in subject matter"
 Rebecca Ng
 Banking Industry

"Clear explanation, I enjoyed every bit of it. Well done!"
 Tis Hui Hui
 Education Industry

"Very good delivery by Mr Chua. Entertaining and informative"
 Sean Quek
 Marine Industry

"Very good course and should be recommended for all HR managers and executives"
 Sarojaini Nair

"I have learnt the various types of leave entitlement for employees and the strategies and actions that needs to be utilized during mergers and acquisitions. With this knowledge, I am now able to identify the additional protections extended to more employees, such as on hours of work, rest day and overtime pay. This increases my productivity at work by 20-30%.”
 Andy Lai
 Food Manufacturing Industry

Workshop on KPI with Performance Management

"Such a dynamic and engaging workshop! Andy relates everything to real life situations which makes it easier to understand."
 Michael Flanders
 Vehicle Repair Industry

"All the practical, down to earth examples are precious to be shared. They helped to translate from class room notes to real life experiences."
 Terence Koh
 IT Industry

"It’s a surprise to me that Ms Selina and Pamela are in the class with us throughout the entire workshop. I appreciated them for being so friendly and helpful to us."
 Sally Chan
 Engineering Industry

"Fresh, practical & useful session with plenty of tips & audience participation. From creating a balanced scorecard to monitoring & reviewing performance of employees, I am now better equipped to manage my staff effectively."
 Jean Lim
 Construction Industry

"Delivery was excellent. Mr Andy was very passionate about the topic and he provided full energy. This helped me to stay engaged throughout the workshop. Highly recommended! Thank you Universal Stage!"
 Wendy Lee
 Mobile Crane Industry

"A very engaging speaker! Excellent delivery of key points, good blend of group interactions, reviewing theories with real life examples."
 Yvonne Gaw
 Cleaning Industry

"This workshop has taught me how to set KPI based on company’s vision and how I can carry out the processes of Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) with the employees."
 May Chua
 IT Industry

"I have learnt the requirements and measurements to setting KPI and most importantly, how I can apply this back to my workplace. Practical exercises were very helpful as well."
 Dennis Wong
 IT Industry

"Great course pitched at exactly the right level for us and presented in an interesting and engaging way. In addition, the excellent customer service provided was awesome! Thank you Team Universal Stage!
 Thiagu Supramaniam
 Construction Industry

"Mr Andy is a dynamic presenter and facilitator with a natural ability to engage his audience, spur their thinking and sustain positive energy throughout his workshop. He used many concrete and relevant examples participants could relate to. Highly recommended workshop!”
 Ng Siok Hoon
 Automotive Industry

"Mr Andy has created a friendly and easy platform for us, thus enabling and drawing us to actively participate. His willingness and desire to use real life examples enabled me to learn more effectively. Great work and keep it up!”
 Moy Yoke Kong
 Construction Industry

"I was really impressed by the sincerity and passion Mr Andy has in sharing his knowledge. He is one of those rare trainers who teach from the heart. I benefitted greatly from his real-life examples and teaching.”
 Karen Tan
 Engineering Industry

"Informative and helpful course. I came thinking setting KPI was easy, but when I started writing down, I realised it was not as simple. Trainer gave examples and tools which benefitted me. Great work!"
 Paul Lee
 Advertising Industry

"Helps me to understand my own goals better and gives me a better vision of what I have to do to maintain or even achieve better results for my company."
 Alvin Low
 Food & Beverage Industry

"A course that SME leaders should attend if they want to keep their house in order."
 Lim Peck Hui
 Technology Industry

"As SMEs, we know that we need to put more KPIs in place, but the task always seems so daunting. This is a course where all 7 hours have been well paid for (good ROI basically). The training templates are clear and simple to use as well. I look forward to more of such courses from Universal Stage - clear, practical and the duration is just nice."
 Angela Sim
 Consulting Industry

"The concept of Performance Appraisal & KPI as part of PM to relate to employee bonus and incentives were interesting."
 Jerlene Li
 Marine Industry

"I have acquired a better understanding on setting KPIs and appraisals which is important to all companies so as to enhance productivity and reduce wrong allocation of manpower.”
 Isabel Wong
 Engineering Industry

"Clearer understanding on KPI & TPM. Comprehensive coverage on TPM & its implementations."
 Reco Pay
 Engineering Industry

"Engaging & practical. Useful materials to be given & kept."
 Leroy Low
 Baking Supplies Industry

"The materials is prepared for us. It's great for the first time learners to know more on this. Information is provided & interesting on this course. Appreciate it."
 Tay Hui Shan
 Engineering Industry

"We enjoyed the workshop & would recommend our management to attend!"
 Loong Sweet Ying
 Investment Industry

"Thank you very much! The workshop was very good for me."
 Tan Ming Chau
 Education Industry

"Trainer is good in portraying the lesson's goals."
 Ong Jianlong
 Building Industry

"An informative programme with practical usage."
 Hew Tze Yee
 Education Industry

"Very useful and can apply into many things - business wise."
 Danielle Dimacali
 Healthcare Industry

"Thanks for organising this Workshop on KPI with Performance Management. It was a good learning experience!"
 Shirley Ng
 Construction Industry

"The underlying principles of KPI are well delivered despite the fact that it was only a 1-day workshop."
 Rose Ong
 Health Industry

"There was practical experiences used and there was also discussion sharing."
 Ng Pei Ying
 Food Industry

"I loved the energizing game played as well as the open discussions with fellow participants."
 Rajaram Santhimathi
 Security Management Industry

Workshop on Effective Handling of Employee Discipline and Grievances

"This programme is concise and conducted in an interesting manner. Facilitator is knowledgeable and humorous, making the learning fun and exciting. Citing real-life examples (eg. news) is very relevant and strengthens our understanding."
 Jian Yong
 Pest Control Industry

"The trainer makes the class lively with his experience and expertise. Good workshop to attend for people management."
 Danny Yap
 Printing Industry

"Class is fun!"
 Mohd Faizal
 Pest Control Industry

"The trainer is very engaging & the program is well run by the team from Universal Stage. The trainer is very engaging as I have attended a few of their workshops before. The team is very fun as well!"
 Steffanie Soo
 Pest Control Industry

"Programme and trainer is very engaging. I am able to absorb a lot. The team from Universal Stage are also very warm and friendly. I would highly recommend this programme. Thank you to everyone at Universal Stage!"
 Andrina Soh
 Pest Control Industry

"Very lively programme!"
 Saini Safawi
 Pest Control Industry

"This workshop made me realize the importance of having a Grievance procedure – one of it is to improve employee morale & encourage productivity. The interactive roleplay scenarios were useful as I could apply what I’ve learnt into my workplace. For example, to resolve issues at my workplace at the earliest possibility before the situation gets worse. The trainer did well in facilitating the session as all of us were highly energized and engaged throughout the workshop. Being an Operations Manager, with 150 staff under me, I learnt the importance of creating a harmonious working relationship with them & to always have a people-oriented attitude. This way, it creates a tension-free environment."
 Azman Bin Omar
 Pest Control Industry

"The workshop has clearly explained the link between grievance and discipline, and the steps to handle feedback from employees. Implementing the system would definitely improve staff retention."
 Vincent Chian
 Electronics Industry

"Very relevant sharing of knowledge and real life examples to better understand the concepts of handling staff issues. Practical examples were also given which can be applied at the workplace. Good for both HR practitioners & line Managers."
 Joel Ooi
 Marine & Shipping Industry

"Found the workshop very useful and lively! Trainer was able to capture the attention of the participants in this workshop. Trainer relates very well in this subject and effectively answers our questions/ queries, therefore giving us a better understanding on how to deal /manage staff. The 4 case studies were well applied for this workshop. Templates were very useful."
 Rozario Audrey Mildred
 Marine & Shipping Industry

"The trainer has engaged the audience using a mix of real life scenarios and humour in delivering the presentation."
 Chak Teik Chuan
 Pest Control Industry

"Being in HR, I have learnt a lot form trainer about the procedure of grievance and discipline at work.”"
 Winnie Kwa
 Marine & Shipping Industry

"Keep it up, well done!"
 Irene Ng
 Packing Industry

"Nice training environment. Good place, good food."
 Angela Seah
 Food & Beverage Industry

"Thank you for organizing this workshop to enable me to understand on how to handle grievances and discipline issues. Good job!"
 Jeslyn Tan
 Shipping Industry

"Thank you for the sharing, learnt a lot!"
 Jacqueline Tey
 Technology Industry

"Good job!"
 Joyce Lim
 Childcare Industry

"Great training program. Will recommend to my friends/colleagues. I will also keep a look out for other courses conducted by Universal Stage."
 Audrey Huang
 Shipping Industry

"This is my third session with the trainer. She is definitely a "guru" in HRM. Will not hesitate to sit in her other classes in the future."
 Isabel Wong
 Engineering Industry

"Good insights into Grievances & Discipline of employees with various industry examples & case studies!"
 Liz Tan
 Food Industry

"Trainer is well equipped & knowledgeable. Able to keep the class moving."
 Jasmine Tan
 Food Industry

"Trainer is interesting and gave many real-life scenarios. Crystal clear voice & knowledgeable in all human resource law & etc."
 Joan Zeng
 Food Industry

"I commend the trainer. Her real life experiences and examples were pertinient in communicating the objectives of the training. Well done! Good use of case studies."
 Damien Yoo
 Advertising Industry

"Trainer has been very knowledgeable in the subject. She also quotes and cites relevant case studies which enhances the understanding of principles. Even though I'm not in the HR dept, I have benefitted greatly as a management staff."
 Paul Lee
 Advertising Industry

"Particularly enjoyed the case studies to illustrate real life examples to learn from & the step-by-step procedures & solutions."
 Jenna Oh
 Luxury Goods Industry

"I enjoyed this workshop! Thank you trainer and Ms Selina."
 Anna Goh
 Advertising Industry

"The workshop is enriching. Well done!"
 Johan Er
 Marine Industry

"Session was very informative & I gained much insights in knowing how to handle such cases should they arise. Thank you trainer!"
 Yvonne Koh
 Recycling Industry

"Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, instilled a better sense of confidence!"
 Alvin Lee
 Shipping Industry

"Very comprehensive and covered many areas, which is excellent! An excellent course for Managers and Executives whose primary role is not HR-related."
 George Thomas
 Insurance Industry

"Trainer used many real-life examples to reinforce theories. Well done!"
 Adeline Yen
 Shipping Industry

"A great eye opener for me!"
 Lee Kong Peng & Florence Chai Teck Huay
 Oil & Gas Industry

Workshop on Writing Employment Contract, HR Policies and Procedures

"Very good! Appreciated all the examples and samples."
 Reco Pay
 Hydro-Pool Engineering

"Good job! Well done!"
 Jeslyn Tan
 Penanshin Shipping Pte Ltd

"Plenty of good examples and practical real-life tips to help improve HR policies."
 Joel Ooi
 Eastport Maritime Pte Ltd

"Good. Very informative and ROI is definitely achieved. Trainer imparts more than what the course stipulated."
 Yvonne Koh
 Recycle Point Pte Ltd

"Will share with friends and encourage them to enrol for this course."
 Susan Soh Kim Hoo
 Woodlands Auto Spare Pte Ltd

"Trainer is very knowledgeable in HR matters, excellent trainer attentive to participants questions. Will definitely recommend to friends to attend her classes."
 Gabriel Wong
 Amber Vet

"Well done!"
 Low Hoey Fen (Agnes)
 Jaberson Technology Pte Ltd

"Good job! Well done."
 susan Irene Ng
 Jaberson Technology Pte Ltd

"Clear and concise. Yummy food."
 Daisy Tan
 Mechem Consultancy

"The trainer is very experienced and have good knowledge in HR Policies & Procedures. She is very humorous and very interesting. Will definitely attend the workshops organised by Universal Stage again. "
 Jean Lim
 Yes Natural Trading Pte Ltd

"Trainer was very engaging and kept the audience's interest the whole time. Her pacing was good too."
 Sammi Lee
 Ence Marketing Pte Ltd

"Trainer was very informative and entertaining in conveying the concepts and in providing examples. The discussions and sharing were useful in helping us understand the concepts better."
 Josh Lim
 Hitech Heat Treatment Services Pte Ltd

"Effective and engaging trainer. Interesting venue for training."
 Ivonne Lim
 Schlegel Elektrokontakt Co (FE) Pte Ltd

"First time attending workshop inside a restaurant, feels good."
 Koh Chui Peng
 Yes Natural Trading Pte Ltd

 Keley Yang
 Private Individual

"Lively and interactive. Like it."
 Diana Ang
 Schlegel Elektrokontakt Co (FE) Pte Ltd

"This is my 3rd course conducted by Universal Stage. I have gained a lot from the programme. Definitely a great help in my area of work!"
 Elsey Chang
 Crown Jewels Pte Ltd

"Well done! I will be recommending to companies or associates/customer that I am in contact with your training/workshop."
 Tan Koon Nguan
 Skywave Pte Ltd

"Material handouts given were informative and useful for me to use in my course of work."
 Angeline Ann Teo-D'Silva
 Arrowcrest Technologies Pte Ltd

"Bravo! Keep it up!"
 Susan Kwek
 BD Cranetech Pte Ltd

"Very good!"
 Lee Cheng Cheng
 Inno Inno

"This is my 3rd session with Universal Stage Pte Ltd. Have returned for the programme despite my heavy schedule, is mainly due to the effectiveness of the trainer and Universal Stage. Will definitely be back for more. Thumbs up!"
 Isabel Wong
 Mactech Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd

"Well informed & good sharing."
 Ian Hang In
 Majesty Security Services

"Engaging, Enriching and fulfilling. "
 Poh Ching Hong
 Hock Chuan Hong Waste Management Pte Ltd

"I enjoyed myself in this fun & informative course! Will definitely recommend my colleagues & friends to attend."
 Chu Xiuhuan
 Chop Tai Chong Kok Pte Ltd

"Thank you Universal Stage. Once again, a fruitful learning experience for me."
 Doreena Seow
 Michael Seow & Associates

"Well done Universal Stage Pte Ltd."
 Sabrina Liew
 Pumpco International Pte Ltd

 Eileen Lim
 Link(THM) Holdings Pte Ltd

"Interesting sharing session with a lot of interaction with participants & facilitator through lots of real life experience and examples"
 Lee Xin Yi
 Ascendal Management & Consultancy Pte Ltd

"The trainer has good knowledge & practical insights of subject topic."
 Ruby Goh
 LNM Mgt Services Pte Ltd

"Great job - especially in the case studies discussed."
 Katherine Low
 Inprodec Associates (S) Pte Ltd

"I became more knowledgeable after attending the course."
 Agnes Wong
 TK Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd

"The programme is very practical & there is good interaction amongst group members. Lecturer is interesting, knowledgeable & not boring."
 Kathleen Yeow
 Crocodile International Pte Ltd

"Extremely satisfied with what i have learnt through the workshop. Thanks!"
 Lim Peck Hui
 Tunity Technologies Pte Ltd

"Interactive programme & outline"
 Foo Siew Wei
 Mectrade Engineering Pte Ltd

"A very good recommendation for all HR practitioners on contracts & policies!"
 Hew Tze Yee
 SHRM College Pte Ltd

Workshop on HR for Non-HR Personnel

"Kudos to the trainer! I attended all 3 of the HR courses & at first was worried that material would overlap, which will waste time/money. However my "fears" were unfounded! All content was different & parts that overlap were pertinent points that helped me reinforce my previous learning. Use of videos were very good tools. Enjoyed tremendously & strongly recommend to all HR/Non HR staff/boss."
 Melissa Yeow-Jong
 Inteq Communications Pte Ltd

"Training provides a good, clear picture of HR Management, esp for a Non-HR Personnel. Legal frameworks shared are great eye-openers. Thank you."
 Agnes Lim
 Diamond Aviation Pte Ltd

"Trainer is experienced and knowledgeable, well worth the time spent at each workshop, looking forward to the next one!"
 Sharon Tan
 Diamond Aviation Pte Ltd

"It's an informative session for employee who needs to know HR best practices."
 Edmond Tan
 @bsolute Cleaning Pte Ltd

"Professional & Informative!"
 Yet Zhan Hao
 @bsolute Air-Con Pte Ltd

Workshop on Performing Payroll in Compliance with Employment Act

"This workshop on Performing Payroll in Compliance with Employment Act is useful for all companies. It broadened my knowledge of Employment Act Law, payroll calculations & formulas. I am happy with this workshop & I would highly recommend it to my friends & to all companies. Everyone who does the relevant payroll-related work should attend this workshop."
 Moe Moe Htike Lin
 Arc Urban Services Pte Ltd

"Good Job! Well done."
 Irene Ng
 Jaberson Technology Pte Ltd

"Good trainers. Good location & food. Friendly Universal Stage staff."
 Claire Chua Xiuhuan
 Chop Tai Chong Kok Pte Ltd

"All the different case studies were excellent and useful to me."
 Lee Kong Peng
 Rohag Singapore Pte Ltd

"I liked the best about the whole workshop were the real life scenarios and examples."
 Regina Ng
 Goodrich Aerospaces Pte Ltd

"Liked the Discussions Questions as we learnt a lot of hands on exercise"
 Kelly Soo
 Hexacon Construction Pte Ltd

"The exercises provided effectively helped in the application and understanding of what was taught"
 Chang Huan Hui
 Universal Stage Ptd Ltd

Workshop on How to Conduct Effective Interview to Obtain Maximum Results

"A very informative programme for one who needs a general guideline of the Act."
 Nicolas Teo
 Conteem Engineers Pte Ltd

"A good take away for conducting subsequent interviews!"
 Joe Tee
 ASR Building & Conservation Pte Ltd

"Well Done!"
 Jan Ng
 LSH Electrical Engrg Pte Ltd

"Fulfiling & Enriching Workshop."
 Elvis Choa
 Casimirian Landscape Pte Ltd

"The trainer shares her experiences and there are valuable to SME & New HR practitioners. She offers practical advice. I love it!"
 Shirley Ng
 PDS Int'l

"Very informative! Must attend this."
 Sammy Bhoy De Dios Sarmiento
 Food For Thought Pte Ltd

"Good job, well done!"
 Doreen Tan
 Carkit(F.E) Pte Ltd

"Enriching and interesting. Duration of course is good, not too long."
 Fiona Foo
 Food For Thought Pte Ltd

"Good job!"
 Florence Tan
 Baurand Pte Ltd

"Enjoyed it! Learnt a lot."
 Linda Ng
 Citikids Academy Pte Ltd

Workshop on Understanding Financial Statements

"I am now able to understand financial performance of companies and have learnt how to read and interpret the financial standings of companies. It has helped me to understand and manage client budgets better, and to understand how the profitability of our hotel is managed. Universal Stage is a great organiser. They have been very helpful in our requests."
 Peggy Tan
 Hotel Industry

"I have learnt how to interpret financial ratios and calculate share price, analyse cash flow statements and most importantly, understand financial statements. This way, I can make more informed decisions, which have an impact on customer service, and ultimately drives profit and shareholder value."
 Narayanaswary Vani
 Investment Industry

"After attending this workshop, I have a deeper understanding on how to interpret a company's financial statement. As my father wants to hand over his company to me, as a director, I have to understand the roles and duties of a director and one of them is to understand financial statements. This way, I can ensure the company is making money. Highly recommended workshop!"
 Yan Zhi Wei
 Furniture Industry

"Good and well-presented, structured course. I’ve been looking at Balance Sheets for years and had a reasonable understanding of the individual parts, but this workshop helped me understand how to all comes together properly for the first time. The team from Universal Stage are helpful and very thorough. Very worthwhile!"
 Joyce Lee
 Petrochemical Industry

"Excellent workshop presented in an easy to follow way. I have learnt the financial lingo and am able to understand financial statements better. It has given me a bigger level of comfort to engage in conversation around financial matters in the business."
 Toh Chin Choon
 Petrochemical Industry

"Great workshop! For those who are keen to learn how to read basic financial / ratios of the company. I am now equipped with the knowledge needed to calculate stock market ratio and what do the different financial ratios represent. This way, it helps me to determine the liquidity of the company."
 Esther Lau
 Insurance Industry

"A good basic course that is easy to understand! Real-life examples were given for practical application."
 Alicia Tan
 Printing Industry

"Very useful class for any potential or current business owners and financial personnels for companies."
 Mi Suk Gil
 Bag Restoration Service Industry

"The trainer highlighted the key points we needed to focus in viewing the annual report. Very useful course!"
 Gan Ser Lee
 Singapore Maritime Industry

"I found the trainer was able to keep the class involved and able to explain well. The hands-on practical/practice was very useful for understanding and applying. Well-conducted workshop!"
 Warren Choo
 Security and Surveillance Solutions Industry

"For personnel without finance or accounting background/expertise, this course has given good insights to analyze & interpret financial statements in B/S and P/L."
 Kenneth Tan
 Automative Industry

"Will push for my other business owner friends to come for this workshop! Very insightful and facilitator is clear on what he is teaching!"
 Mikal Chong
 Advertising Industry

"Very good trainer! Nice environment & location!"
 Claire Chua
 Confectionery Industry

"Trainer was surprisingly engaging for an otherwise relatively dry topic. Universal Stage also went out of their way, by providing additional snacks (on top of the snacks provided by the hotel). Very nice personal touch! Well done team!!"
 Elaine Seah
 Biomedical Industry

"Workshop delivers objective in a summarized yet effective manner. This course allows participants who have little knowledge on financial statements understand it in a very quick and efficient manner. Trainer is knowledgable and provided interesting case studies to make lesson relevant."
 Edmund Yap
 Biomedical Industry

"It was a very informative session which I can apply to my work. Thank you!"
 Ng Shea Shin
 Biomedical Industry

"I have attended the "Cash Flow Management/Budgeting & Analysis" before today's programme. It certainly helps to enhance my knowledge better about understanding a company's operating system financially better with this follow up session. And the trainer is very well verse in his training and delivering his lesson for both such sessions. Well done!"
 Peterio Tan
 Retail Industry

"A very good refresher for me. It gives us short & concise understanding of Financial Statements."
 Jason Teo
 Medical Industry

"Thank you for setting up such a course!"
 Ho Jun Xian
 Transportation Industry

"Trainer is an interesting & experienced person."
 Camille Chia
 Finance Industry

"Well delivered and trainer is experienced."
 Vicky Tan
 Finance Industry

"After the training, I have a better understanding of all the financial ratios. Great job, Universal Stage!"
 Eve Wee
 Finance Industry

"Trainer can deliver the concept well in a way that is easy to understand and interesting."
 Leow Yin Ning
 Finance Industry

"Very engaging trainer!"
 Pamella Lee
 Finance Industry

Workshop for Effective Costing and Budgeting Management

"The pace of the workshop is good and the coverage is manageable."
 Alvin Tan
 Cheng Yie Fiber Ceiling Industry

"Insightful, precise, engaging course and presentation of the programme."
 Rovin Tan
 Modern Heritage Trading Pte Ltd

"Friendly environment."
 Chong Siew Pin
 Modern Heritage Trading Pte Ltd

"Practical takeaways for actual application."
 Chelsea Wan
 JFF Pte Ltd

"Staffs are cheerful. Keep it up!"
 Tan Yi Vonne
 Frontier Healthcare Group

"The trainer provides intense informative knowledge about budgeting analysis which benefitted me greatly. Now I know how to apply them in my day-to-day work."
 Kwa Bee Buan
 TBH Industrial & Marine Pte Ltd

"Overall, the workshop is well planned."
 Patrick Phua
 TBH Industrial & Marine Pte Ltd

"Excellent trainer providing relevant examples. Helped to relate to work."
 Gabriel Wong
 Amber Veterinary Practice Pte Ltd

"Excellent speaker & practical content! Also, nice venue & great catering provided."
 Brian Loon
 Amber Veterinary Practice Pte Ltd

"This is very relevant to me as a Managing Director in the company. It help to show me in a very easy-to-understand manner whereby I can apply it in my business. The class duration is great for busy people like us and this workshop has achieved its objectives. Very impressed by the experience. Will be interested in your company's future programmes!"
 Tammy Ong
 Kanlian Ferry Pte Ltd

"I survived! Initial thoughts was that it's going to be boring. But this course is interesting and I am able to grasp the concepts quickly and apply to my job and decision-making moments. Thank you!"
 Yun Chan
 Pine Garden's Cake

"The course is useful and relevant to our company's budgeting."
 Loong Sweet Ying
 Longwin Investment Pte Ltd

"It was enriching. It helped me have a better idea onto the various topics taught. It will definitely help me in my career in the near future."
 Sarah Ho
 Universal Stage Pte Ltd

"I have benefitted a lot from this workshop and it has definitely enhanced my career progression. "
 Erayl Cham
 Universal Stage Pte Ltd

"Food is good!"
 Foo Siew Kuen
 Mectrade Engineering Pte Ltd

Workshop on Effective Foreign Currency Manaagement

"This course is applicable to my job scope and I have a better understanding on Forex Currency Management. The team from Universal Stage is very good in managing and ensuring the whole training went well."
 He Cheng
 Richinn Technology Pte Ltd

"Acquired better understanding on how to read Forex from different sources. In addition, trainer is very knowledgeable and able to explain clearly on the subject matter. The team from Universal Stage provided excellent service as well."
 Erica Ong
 Power and Motion Control Pte Ltd

"Good supporting staff. Nice door gift."
 Patricia Lim
 Surface Preparation Engineering Pte Ltd

Workshop on Financial Management for Non-Finance Personnel

"I had benefitted a lot from this programme. From company's perspective, I now know how to pitch to potential investors and what are the areas to look out for. Universal Stage training team was not only highly effective & efficient but was very thoughtful towards all the learners. The ambience was conducive for learning & the food was great. Highly recommended!"
 David Lee
 Offset Pte Ltd

"Everything was excellent. The training was very relevant & the programme is very comprehensive. The service provided by Universal Stage was very good. The ambience was great for learning & the food choice was awesome!"
 Gregory Poon
 Offset Pte Ltd

"The programme was very useful for me & I was provided with in-depth knowledge on the financial aspects. The services provided by Universal Stage training team was awesome and brilliant. Good customer service! Love the wide selection of buffet & the location was excellent. Highly recommend Universal Stage training programmes to all!"
 Leow Yuan Ming
 Offset Pte Ltd

"I have benefitted greatly from this workshop. It gives me a clearer view on how to adopt the right financial strategy within the scope of financial management! The training team from Universal Stage did an excellent job from start to end."
 Peh Shi Mei
 TBH Industrial & Marine Pte Ltd

"The course is practical and I am able to relate what I have learnt to my job. The ambience is conducive for learning, food is good & would recommend Universal Stage Programmes to all who are keen to learn."
 Chelsea Wan
 JFF Pte Ltd

"This course is very useful and applicable. I am able to apply what I have learnt to my workplace."
 Jackson Wan
 JFF Pte Ltd

"Duration & content were thoughtfully planned out. Lunch at the hotel cafe was good. Selina has been an inspiration! Doing training with a main focus on developing people and not just for the money. Important thing is that we have taken back useful methods which we can apply in both our work and personal life."
 Sharon Teo
 Eastport Maritime Pte Ltd

"Conduct and delivery of lesson was excellent and well-planned. Concise learning pointers with examples for easy learning."
 Rovin Tan
 Modern Heritage Trading Pte Ltd

"Educational & knowledge enhancing."
 Victor Tan
 Richinn Technology Pte Ltd

"I found the course to be an eye opener & had benefitted from all the case studies, explanations and examples. Selina did such an excellent job to ensure we had a holistic learning experience and Pamela was as usual very cheerful and positive. The hotel lunch was superb!"
 He Cheng
 Richinn Technology Pte Ltd

"The trainer's illustration and explanation is very simple and easy to understand for people like me who does not have any financial background."
 Claire Chua
 Chop Tai Chong Kok Pte Ltd

"Good programme!"
 James Lau
 Verint Systems (S) Pte Ltd

"Very good. Keep it up!"
 Wong Chai Yuen
 CNC Petroleum Pte Ltd

"Keep up the good work. Thanks for the clear explanations."
 Ting Jean Win
 CNC Petroleum Pte Ltd

"A very good workshop to begin with for someone like me who has no finance background."
 Erayl Cham
 Universal Stage Pte Ltd

"This is the 2nd course I attended by Universal Stage and I am happy with every area and would be glad to recommend to my friends their training programmes!"
 Doreen Tan
 Carkit(F.E)Pte Ltd

"It gives a good understanding on how to assess the financial health of the company. It is useful not only in directing attention on important areas to look at it. It's also highly useful for personal investment in equity."
 Chua Wee Ming
 Swift Health Food (S) Pte Ltd

"This programme is good for company owners who needs a deeper understanding on their financial data to make informed decisions. For example, whether the company should loan money for projects/expansion."
 Ho Wei Siong
 Animagine Pte Ltd

"Very well organized and topics are covered at a good pace. Couldn’t really expect more from the time allocated."
 Low Han-Tzen
 Great Big Food Pte Ltd

"Broad enough overview to have a good understanding and definitely effective for those without financial background."
 Pek Lay Peng
 Shingda Construction Pte Ltd

"The programme is most relevant and appropriate for the target audience."
 Steven Leong
 Longwin Investment Pte Ltd

"Very relevant for us to analyse on financial statements."
 Loong Sweet Ying
 Longwin Investment Pte Ltd

"Well done! Keep it up!"
 Heng Tian Wee
 Econosto Singapore
Workshop for Effective Cash Flow Management, Budgeting & Analysis

"Great workshop! I am now equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills needed to analyze cash flow statements to analyze business performance. Thank you Universal Stage for organising such an excellent workshop. We are all happy and enjoyed ourselves."
 Lorna Law
 IT Industry

"I appreciate the small group discussions and practice exercises during the workshop. Now I am better equipped in my current role as a Senior Finance Executive as I am able to interpret the financial statement to my bosses. Great job Universal Stage!"
 Sally Ng
 Automation Industry

"Very engaging course and I found it extremely informative. The trainer was very knowledgeable and patient in guiding us. I would highly recommend my friends and colleagues to attend this workshop!"
 Darlene Estolas
 Vehicle Repair Industry

" Excellent content with a very knowledgeable trainer. He made every effort to explain most complicated finance concepts in simplest possible ways. Highly recommended workshop!"
 Dorothy Lim
 Technology Industry

"I have benefited greatly from this one day workshop and will recommend my colleagues to attend workshops conducted by Universal Stage."
 Nelson Chai
 Investments Industry

"This workshop is very informative and practical for everyday use. The trainer was stimulating and engaging. Overall the workshop was conducted in a very professional way."
 Michael Flanders
 Vehicle Repair Industry

"I would recommend this excellent workshop to my colleagues. The trainer has in-depth knowledge about this topic."
 Narayanaswamy Vani
 Investments Industry

"I will highly recommend my friends and colleagues to attend this workshop conducted by Universal Stage."
 Sophia Png
 Real Estate Industry

"Good overview of cash flow concepts and calculations with practical examples and sufficient hands-on practice."
 Adrian Lee
 Cleaning Industry

"Great workshop environment, good food and a knowledgeable trainer."
 Noel Tan
 Security Management Industry

"The trainer was clear in his training."
 Vanisha Mahtani
 Health Industry

"Having hands-on practice through the exercises makes the training easy to understand."
 Soe Siong Tjia
 Consulting Industry

"This is a very good workshop. It enables us to understand what is Cash Flow, the importance of it and how to intepret Cash Flow Statements. The workshop also taught us how to analyze financial statements and financial ratios. It is a very beneficial workshop for me!"
 Wilson Ng
 Advertising Industry

"Trainer is engaging in lesson."
 Tan Siew Li
 Advertising Industry

"Very informative and practical."
 Victor Tan
 Manufacturing Industry

"The trainer is one of the best instructors I've met. Very experienced and knowledgeable. Clear in his sharing with practical case studies. Useful for SMEs. Great food and SMU is a good place for the course. Overall, a very fruitful training session with lots of takeaways, will use the knowledge picked up to apply in my company."
 Cindy Koh
 Oil and Gas Industry

"Very good trainer. Able to use presentation slides and word documents effectively, especially during exercises. I can relate to the handouts and what was taught. Gives many good examples of real life companies to stimulate my interest. SMU classroom is very comfortable, lighting is good, conducive to learning and food is good too."
 Benny Koh
 Oil and Gas Industry

"Lecture has been stimulating with practical examples & sharing."
 Spencer Kuan
 Automobile Industry

"This programme certainly helps participants who has no background knowledge in accounting nor financial analysis in better understanding the basics though not too much into the details & its depth considering its only a 1 day programme. Thanks!"
 Peterio Tan
 Fashion Industry

"The instructor had good knowledge about costing and budgeting."
 Sanjey Chandran
 Trade Industry

"I am impressed with the trainer’s knowledge. Overall, I enjoyed this course!"
 Wong Khai teng
 Research Industry

"This course is suitable for people who wish to gain a brief understanding of budgeting and costing. The lecturer was able to conduct it in an interesting manner. Overall, I can say that it is good for even non-financial personnel to attend!"
 Cyndi Chong
 Beauty Industry

"Trainer is very experienced in his subject and he does make sure we understand."
 Teh Chuang Kim
 Consulting Industry

"I am impressed with the trainer’s knowledge. Overall, I enjoyed this course!"
 Wong Khai teng
 Trade Industry

Workshop on Effective Telephone Skills

"This workshop is excellent as the trainer is very interactive and communicates well with the participants. Highly recommended!"
 Arli Jane
 The Respiratory Practice Pte Ltd

"I have learnt alot from this workshop! The exercises and role-play scenarios are a great way to learn what it takes to have effective telephone skills."
 Michelle Paw
 The Respiratory Practice Pte Ltd

"Course was very good on a whole."
 Shee Zhi Jia
 Universal Stage Pte Ltd

"This workshop has benefitted me alot and I have learnt alot on managing situation with dealing with difficult customers over the phone. Examples & life scenarios given by trainer have helped me to understand better and to deal with situations better."
 Erayl Cham
 Universal Stage Pte Ltd

"The programme was interesting."
 Cheong Siew Fei
 TBH Industrial and Marine Pte Ltd

"The programme was very nicely projected and explained. "
 Jenny Chua
 Belinda Ang Tang & Partners

"Trainer is fun. Overall, it was a good training."
 Melissa Koh
 Lintrex Pte Ltd

"Everything went well. The trainer's communication towards the class was very good. She used a lot of illustrations and case studies. She made the class very participative, communicated well and was very patient."
 Nur Tiara Binte Shariff
 Enviro-Hub Holdings Pte Ltd

"The trainer was very comprehensive and the workshop was very effective. I learnt a lot during this workshop. The questions posted during the session were very useful."
 Tay Cheng Lee
 Belinda Ang Tang & Partners

Workshop on Effective Negotiation Skills

"Great workshop!"
 Veronica Rodriguez
 Amara Resorts Pte Ltd

Workshop on Writing Minutes of Meeting

"Like the knowledgeability of trainer and her ability to communicate ideas well"
 Ivan Thomasz
 Changi Beach Club

"Would definitely recommend others to this workshop!"
 Stephanie Hardie
 Singapore Discovery Centre

"The trainer gave her own interesting methods for attention. Excellent!"
 Siti Halimatussaidiah
 Beaumont Publishing Pte Ltd

Workshop on Develop Basic Writing Skills for High Impact Correspondence

"Letters and emails are often used in my course of work, this course has definitely benefitted me."
 Evelynn Tan

"Very interesting course. Trainer applied real-life examples to illustrate her points across!"
 Greenpac (S) Pte Ltd
Workshop on Handling Difficult Customers

"I have learnt the strategies in handling difficult customers. Very good workshop!"
 Ea Geok Sing
 TBH Industrial & Marine Pte Ltd

"The trainer knows her subject very well."
 Teng Chia Yang Sharon
 Lapis Lazuli Wholefood Pte Ltd

"It is a good workshop that I will recommend to others!"
 Mala Shahar Ali
 ARC Urban Services Pte Ltd

"Ms Selina has made the course entertaining and able to maintain my interest throughout the whole course. I have learnt a lot on how to manage the customers and also identifying different difficult customers and this will definitely benefit me in my career."
 Noel Tan Eu Jeen
 Forecepts Pte Ltd

"It was a fun and engaging workshop! Ms Selina did an excellent job in capturing everyone's attention and involving all participants. Valuable knowledge gained from today's workshop!"
 Chang Huan Hui
 Universal Stage Pte Ltd

"Good Job Ms Selina! Would love to attend your seminar again."
 Wong How Hua
 Forecepts Pte Ltd

"Good sharing and easy to understand as well."
 Kelvin Tan
 Forest Concepts Pte Ltd

"It is different compared to other courses. Excellent!"
 Ng Lee King
 Forest Concepts Ptd Ltd

"Thanks Ms Selina. Good job."
 Koh Boon Seng
 Forecepts Pte Ltd

"The course is a great refreshing experience for the service industry workers as it re-trace the root of a customer service concept that many forgets over time"
 Kegan Wong
 On Time Worldwide Logistics Pte Ltd

"Meals are covered so that participants do not have trouble finding places for food. They are willing to go extra mile by giving a box of mooncake as mid-autumn festival falls on workshop day"
 Ricky Sim
 Private Individual

"Informative workshop! I have learnt how to resolve complaints and differentiate different types of customers"
 Victoria Atirado Rivera
 Smart Learners Education Centre

"Fun & very good learning experience!"
 Emmy M.Arip
 Colourwash Pte Ltd

"Great workshop!"
 Jane Chew
 Colourwash Pte Ltd

"Best class & lessons learned that keeps you interested. Useful tips & skills to go through problems."
 Kevin Toh
 Ovas (Singapore) Pte Ltd

"Totally enjoyed the programme!"
 Manivannam Arumugam
 Julia Gabriel Communications Pte Ltd

"Mrs Saro teaches us how to handle difficult customers not only the sector that we are in. All scopes are covered. I managed to learn new problem-solving skills!"
 Noor Azah Matson
 Mothercare (S) Pte Ltd

"Instructor’s approach was good. Stimulates us to think how we can improve."
 Elaine Lee
 The GMP Group

"I have really enjoyed myself throughout the course and the trainer makes everything very interesting and easy to understand"
 Chan Liyun
 Dacon Networks Pte Ltd

Workshop on Customer Service Excellence

"Everything is perfect. Should have longer hour – really enjoyed the course. Will recommend this course to other colleagues. Will give good review report at work"
 Suzana Binte Mohamed Tamin
 Crystal Freight Services Pte Ltd

"Feel eager to show to show to my company what I have learnt the whole of today"
 Hermanto Tan
 City Satay (Food Industries) Pte Ltd

"The instructor is very qualified and shares with us very nice and enriching information. It was really a fun and enriching course"
 Khok Jin Tong
 Zouk Management Pte Ltd

Workshop on Work Injury Compensation Act and Its Application

"Enjoyed the course. Useful. Cleared some doubts which I have had"
 Hizam Bin Alias
 Eagle Services Asia Pte Ltd

Workshop on Practical Productivity for Businesses

"It was an interesting and informative seminar conducted by the trainer. I did not feel bored throughout the session. The trainer managed to keep the class alive and he gave very good examples that relates to the seminar topics. I will definitely refer the trainer to my friends or may even engaged the trainer to conduct training courses for my staff."
 Hazel Lian Wei Wen
 I design & Build Pte Ltd

"Very useful information provided during the seminar especially to SME companies"
 Joey Soh Pek Koon
 Gong Xi 21 Pte Ltd

"Workshop was informative & well organised. Trainer was able to explain clearly & give good examples."
 Angelia Loh
 Resolve Salvage & Fire (Asia) Pte Ltd

"Very good trainer & will share with my friends"
 Ewe Tek Seng
 Performance Oil Pte Ltd

"Effective yet entertaining! Very beneficial and yet enjoyable"
 Jane Chin
 Asia Medical Supplies Pte Ltd

"One of the best trainer i've met."
 Salvana Ang

"Today's Learning was fun!"
 Bert Bustamante
 Dynamic Test Solutions Asia Pte Ltd

"Well Done!"
 Kelvin Goh
 Inxpress Asia Pte Ltd

"One of the best trainings i've attended. The trainer have taught me to think outside of the box."
 Wong Jee Kim
 L-Pine Design Pte Ltd

"Trainer is very knowledgable and well prepared for the programme. Very interesting."
 Chia Chuy Pin
 Keng Soon Auto Pte Ltd

"Efficient delivery by the trainer!"
 Angela Chai
 Highlight Business Services

"Informative and interactive seminar! Great!"
 Elvis Choa
 Casimirian Landscape Pte Ltd

"Very Useful. A must for all companies to attend"
 Eric Lee
 Yi Jia Chun Pte Ltd

"Very engaging and practical knowledge for SME. All business owner should attend this workshop"
 Ho Wei Siong
 Animagine Pte Ltd

"I have a better understanding of PIC after attending this workshop. The trainer is good."
 Elina Hng
 Song & Song Fashion Pte Ltd

"A good course on improving productivity that also helped to explain thoroughly the PIC scheme which is very relevant to all SMEs."
 Shaanjeet Kaur
 Libraco Services (S) Pte Ltd

"Very informative seminar. Interesting real life example that helped us to remember"
 Esther Chua
 Bizplanet Solution Pte Ltd

"It is very helpful and the trainer is excellent."
 Jessie Guo Lin
 Koi Cafe Group(s) Pte Ltd

"Entertaining and knowledgable trainer."
 Eric Lau
 A.E.C(sk) Pte Ltd

"Well inform from the workshop and very motivated workshop"
 Peter Lim
 Pearsons Environment Managemnet Pte Ltd

"Lively and interactive workshop with useful practical examples."
 Nur Izyani Taha
 Duta Freight Intl Pte Ltd

"After attending the programme, i have a better understanding and able to claim the PIC more efficiently"
 Brian Kwan
 Chee Seng Book Store Pte Ltd

"The knowledge and information is too overwhelming, it takes time to digest and executive but will certainly bring the company to the next level"
 Doris Toh
 Switzco Design & Gifts Pte Ltd

"The trainer is a thought provoking and motivational speaker and very knowledgable as well. SME owners will surely benefit from attending and listening to his workshop"
 Joshua Agilan
 Drumstruck Studios Pte Ltd

"I enjoyed the trainer's workshop session"
 Peggy Lee
 Intermarine Supply co Pte Ltd

"Fantastic Workshop. Very informative. A very entertained trainer. Well done! Will definitely recommend to others"
 Connie Teh Chuang Kim
 K H Teh Consulting Pte Ltd

"Very interactive trainer and lively sessions which helps in the learning process"
 Mae Wong Lai Meng
 MSE Consultants Pte Ltd

"A good seminar which creates awareness of the PIC Programme. Very beneficial to SMEs. Worth every of the second of the time spent"
 Lorraine Loh Sok Heng
 K H Teh Consulting Pte Ltd

"This is the second time that i came for this workshop and still able to learn something new from it. Glad i came back."
 Amie Ong
 Shinko Crane Pte Ltd

"It's really very informative and helps a lot for our claims till YA2015."
 Phillip Lee
 Aikido Shinju-Kai

"No regrets in coming for this session. I think all SMEs Bosses should take the effort to attain it personally"
 Sam Chia
 Active 8 Pte Ltd

"Andy has the ability to keep us engaged throughout the course duration without being too assertive, simply by engaging us in two-ways dialogue. Eg. Questions and Answers. "
 Sharon Tan
 Diamond Aviation Pte Ltd

"If you think your company is doing well, take this course and take the company one level up and beyond."
 Alicia Tan
 Ink On Paper Communications Pte Ltd

"Applaud to Andy for his interesting interactive approach. I would definitely recommend the course to my business associates and partners. Selina has been attentive to our needs as well."
 Jenny Oh
 Jadia Logistics Pte Ltd

"Just as the title of the workshop states “Practical Productivity for Businesses", the day’s session was filled with very useful and practical tips and know-hows every SME needs to be reminded. Truly beneficial session."
 Agnes Lim
 Diamond Aviation Pte Ltd

"Andy is an excellent speaker! He managed to put in relevant story and injecting a little humour into his programme. I love it."
 Louisa Tan
 De Nail's Art

"Yes, Well Done! The tips are very useful for SME entrepreneurs like me. I shall certainly reflect upon them."
 Lim Peck Hui
 Tunity Technologies Pte Ltd

"Well Done. Andy Lim is very good in presenting the programme. A lot of funs in the class rooms. I have learnt something new through the class."
 Yap Lee Chin
 Scaf-Link Engineering Pte Ltd

"Well structured outline programme for a basic understanding of course. "
 Jocelyn Tay
 Singa Signage & Design Exhibit Pte Ltd

"Very informative, open our view on businesses. "
 Yap Khoon Wah
 Design Rebirth Pte Ltd

"I gain good knowledge and understand more clearly how PIC work for SMEs. I strongly recommend company to attend this course and take full benefit from PIC Programme! "
 Tan Ta Nguang
 Fasia Pte Ltd

"This programme is an eye opener. The speaker is a jovious person. He put in so much fun into learning"
 Belinda Tan Choon Hiang
 Purple Pixie

"Well done! Will recommend this workshop to others. I believe all would benefit"
 Lee Siew Booi
 Greencity Pest Management Pte Ltd "Good Content with excellent trainer"
 Eddie Tan
 VSP Pte Ltd

"Great presentation! Effective way of delivering an otherwise chunk of ''dry'' but important information! "
 Justin Chua Chee Wee
 3DSense Media School Pte Ltd

"Very informative and useful. Well conducted and a pleasurable experience. Would definitely recommend. ="
 Colin Chow
 Eurohaus Pte Ltd

"The trainer is an interesting man, well-spoken and gave example that help us to have a clearer picture"
 Tricia Ng
 Purple Pixie

"A good workshop to attend for any SMEs"
 Prudence Kee
 Avant Consulting Engineers

"The trainer is a very engaging speaker. He is able to engage everyone, no need for coffee to stay awake"
 Active 8 Pte Ltd

"The trainer did a good job on imparting knowledge about Practical Productivity for Businesses and for encouraging us to take the initiative."
 Catherine Rubio KLoredo
 Nextview Pte Ltd

"The course is very relevant to my company. The trainer makes the programme very interesting and use very apt examples/analogies to make us understand better. I'm glad i came for this course."
 Chloe Chua Bao Zeng
 Hi-Tech Hotstamping Mfr Pte Ltd

"The trainer is really very competence with his knowledge and delivery with excellency of the programme. I highly recommend many of my friends and business counterpart to attend his training"
 Chuung Nyet Hiong
 LPC Development Pte Ltd

"It was a well explained workshop on the topics covered. Many SMEs will be able to benefit from the workshop and apply the lessons learnt into the process and organisation of the companies. I have benefitted and i believe that many future participating companies will do too."
 Charles Chua
 Chin Giap Soon Trading Pte Ltd

"Never had any time to look into the Budget 2013. But this course programme has enhanced my knowledge about the available grants through Budget 2013. I will now help my company get the grants."
 Joshua Rajenthiran
 Becker Rigging & Engineering Pte Ltd

"The trainer is very engaging and clear in his presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and give me a new perspective to my business "
 Alison Chua
 Font Shop Fittings Pte Ltd

"Your company has done a good job. Tricia and myself enjoy this Workshop very much. Both of us certainly have gain more knowledge on the PIC Bonus. Your Workshop is fun, comprehensive and the learning material is well organised. Thank you once again."
 Belinda Tan
 Purple Pixie

Seminar on Training Needs Analysis

"The trainer is very knowledgeable and filled with experiences! She kept the presentation interesting by sharing her personal experiences."
 Kimberly Beh
 Singapore Brain Development Centre

"Knowledge mixed with relevant experiential sharing helps contextualise the knowledge into practical solutions."
 Joel Ooi
 Eastport Maritime Pte Ltd

"The trainer is good and demonstrated well in the topic. Great job!"
 Katherine Low
 Inprodec Associates (S) Pte Ltd

"The trainer is very professional and knowledgeable!"
 Claire Chua
 Chop Tai Chong Kok Pte Ltd

"This seminar has taught me to carry out proper Training Needs Analysis (TNA) within my organization."
 Jennifer Law
 Air Tech Engineering & Consultancy Pte Ltd

"The trainer has very good knowledge of the content."
 Freddy Heng
 Food Junction Management Pte Ltd

Seminar on The Art of Being Assertive

"I really enjoyed the seminar, fruitful. Will recommend friend to attend."
 Goh Sai Poh
 GSP Corporate Services Pte Ltd

"Great examples."
 Chim May Bo
 Trussco Pte Ltd

"The whole session is interesting and very well-prepared. I can apply what i learnt today in my daily life."
 Val Chow Min Ei
 AKM Asia Pte Ltd

"Trainer is very well-prepared for the training. Clear & precise. Her sharing is very practical & indepth. Good job, Trainer!"
 Jenny Ho
 Faxolif Industries Pte Ltd

"Perfect classroom size and seating. Great food. Great snacks. Great beverages. Trainer is entertaining as always, though not a presenter/trainer today."
 Iwan Yang
 Lokopoko Pte Ltd

"Good job! Have catched my attention."
 Hoo Ai Ling
 You Ming (S) Pte Ltd

"I've always enjoyed coming to Universal Stage's seminars. I have learnt and developed on a personal level. I would love to attend more of Universal Stage's future seminars."
 Chua Xiuhuan
 Chop Tai Chong Kok Pte Ltd

"Seminar well taught by trainer, its a job well done! Keep up the good work!"
 Lily Chew
 Inprodec Associates (S) Pte Ltd

"It was an interesting session. I like the exercises at the end of the course, written & practical."
 Mariko Yang
 Motoko Clinic For Women

"Interesting seminar, will recommend my peers to attend.
 Terence Lee
 Profoto Digital Services Pte Ltd

"Good job! Have catched my attention."
 Jobina Loh
 OJJ Foods Pte Ltd

"I would recommend it to my peers."
 Eric Tan
 ICare Global Pte Ltd

"Systematically well conducted seminar! A great eye opener."
 Jonathan Teo
 Work Arena

"Improve my assertive skills. Well done!"
 Pang Li Fang
 Frontier Healthcare Holdings Pte Ltd

"Keep up the good work! Well done!"
 Shirley Luo Shi Ting
 Stafflink Services Pte Ltd

"The training was well-delivered with relevant examples. Conducive environment."
 Jovin Ang
 Stafflink Services Pte Ltd

"I enjoyed the workshop, it was very positive. Keep up! Well done!"
 Katherine Low
 Inprodec Associates (S) Pte Ltd

"Great work. Good examples. Captivated audience."
 Charlene Pillay
 Solution Matrix

"Explanation is clear and the trainer gave many examples to us for class discussion."
 Sally Lee
 Fluematic Engineering Services (S) Pte Ltd

Seminar on The Art of Self-Branding

"Trainer has done a good job and able to present the programme in a very clear and precise manner. Interesting and with some humour. I'm very encouraged that we should never stop learning regardless of our station in life and maintain a good attitude and strong mind."
 Jenny Ho
 Faxolif Industries Pte Ltd

"The whole session is interesting & well prepared."
 Val Chow Min Ei
 AKM Asia Pte Ltd

"Well Done!"
 Alice Khong
 Neo Percept Biotechnology Pte Ltd

"Good Job!"
 Nicole Tay
 CMA Mental Arithmetric Centre Pte Ltd

"Well done. Will introduce friend to attend."
 Goh Sai Poh
 GSP Corporate Services Pte Ltd

"Informative and useful for our personal development. Fun and interactive."
 Zhang Guangqing
 Teo Garments Corporation Pte Ltd

"Short classes are good for regular skills upgrading"
 Chua Lee Kim
 Neo-Percept Biotechnology (S) Pte Ltd

"It’s a very motivating session for my career & image."
 Erlin Yeo
 Baurand Pte Ltd

"Concepts were taught in a short span of time! Good job trainer!"
 Lim Shan Wen
 Asia Medical Supplies

"Good Job!"
 Florence Tan
 Baurand Pte Ltd

"Great Seminar. I love the energy you give, Keep it up!"
 Angeline Chow
 Sunny Dental Medical Supply

Seminar on Personal Goal Setting and Positive Self-Talk

"Always enjoy the workshops!"
 Alvin Goey
 Dual Lite Electric Pte Ltd

 Lawrence Lim
 Federal Packaging Industries Pte Ltd

 AJ Yeo
 Federal Packaging Industries Pte Ltd

"Talk is encouraging. Keep it up, Trainer. Thank you. Thank you Universal Stage for organising such a talk. Keep up the good job."
 Katherine Low
 Inprodec Associates(S) Pte Ltd

"Will spread & encourage other people to attend this course."
 Pamela Chan
 Aurora Wellness LLP

"Good as a year end training, particularly as we make our resolutions for 2015 & beyond."
 Ramasamy Tasari
 Phillip Securities (S) Pte Ltd

"Keep up the good work."
 Nicholas Sim
 Forecepts Pte Ltd

"Thank you for the wonderful sharing, Carina!"
 Katherine Low
 Inprodec Associates(S) Pte Ltd

"Trainer is very good, able to keep my attention and she was very patient."
 Florence May P.Gerundio
 Inavab Fumigation & Pest Ctrl Mgt Pte Ltd

"I've enjoyed the session (though short). Trainer is good and articulated."
 Lucy Goh
 IPP Financial Advisers Ltd

"The lesson is a great opportunity to do self-reflection and evaluate your personal life and career again. It has helped me focus better on what i want and what i am lacking."
 Peh Woon Teng
 Ming Deng Metrology Services Pte Ltd

"Programme is very effective for personal development and the trainer is very knowledgeable and share real life experiences that can help participants to understand the topics/programme easily."
 Rachel Chua
 CommGate(s) Pte Ltd

Seminar on Business Networking

"Trainer is very professional speaker who is engaging and full of enthusiasm. A really enjoyable and enriching session with her! Look forward to more seminars by her!"
 Rachel Goh
 Wizlogix Pte Ltd

"The trainer is full of energy and sincere in connecting and sharing her knowledge and experiences with the participants. The organisers made commendable effort to coordinate the event and look out for the needs of participants. Thanks!"
 Sarah Tham
 HRM3 Asia Pte Ltd

"Very interactive seminar, keeps me going & not feeling dry. Well done."
 Serene Tan
 ComOffice Pte Ltd

"It is worth of time to participate the session and Trainer is energetic & helpful. Thank you."
 Candice Zeng
 APF Group

"Good work and great environment. The staffs are very helpful & attentive."
 Florence Tan
 Baurand Pte Ltd

"Well done!"
 Athirah Rosli
 APE Works Pte Ltd

"Thank you for the interesting seminars."
 DLE M&E Pte Ltd

 Jeremy Wong
 Federal Packaging Ind. Pte Ltd

"Always enjoy every workshops by Universal Stage Pte Ltd!"
 Alvin Goey
 Dual-Lite Electric Pte Ltd

"Great, Keep it up!"
 Koo Yee Leing
 Nu Reflections Pte Ltd

"Well done!"
 Lawrence Lim
 Federal Packaging Ind. Pte Ltd

"Awesome Seminar!"
 AJ Yeo
 Federal Packaging Ind. Pte Ltd

"Good timing control"
 Fernando Marzuki
 Biz Vision Consulting Pte Ltd

"A very personal touch and to the point."
 Jeffery Toh
 Forecepts Pte Ltd

"Well structured and good topics for discussion. "
 Jason Ng
 HRM3 Asia Pte Ltd

"Well done."
 Joseph Alexander
 HRM3 Asia Pte Ltd

"Good seminar where i get to practice what i learned during the seminar."
 Angelina Tan
 Great Eastern Financial Advisors

"Interesting Topic!"
 Chua Xiuhuan
 Chop Tai Chong Kok Pte Ltd

"Good networking session with ability to practice."
 Veronica Tan
 Toyo Jitsugyo

"Attended the trainer's session and felt that her sessions are good."
 Lucy Goh
 IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd

"Interesting session!"
 Kelson Lim
 Antiants (S) Pte Ltd

"Having attended this program, I now have stronger confidence during networking sessions. Keep up the good work!"
 Peh Woon Teng
 Ming Deng Metrology Services Pte Ltd

"Keep it up! Universal Stage for arranging this workshop. It is helpful to business owners in networking during events or dinners"
 Lim Peck Hui
 Tunity Technologies Pte Ltd

"This seminar was highly informative and helpful towards my personal skills development and networking skills. It has taught me much on how my actions, tone and speech will bring about different results. Also, it helped me in understanding how to assess the body language of others."
 Tiffany Tan Li Hao
 Austen Maritime Services Pte Ltd

Seminar on Emotional Intelligence

"This seminar taught me how to adopt jounral keeping for effective emotional management and how to get rid of negative emotions."
 Foo Suan Kim
 Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore

"I am a repeated participant of Universal Stage and I find the seminars conducted by Universal Stage really helpful and useful."
 Primrose Valentina
 Zenxin AgriOrganic Pte Ltd

"Good program, interesting to know how to use this model. Hope it'll help after we share it with more people."
 Grace Tan
 G-Energy Global Pte Ltd

"With just two hours of courses, I managed to learn "something" and it is very useful. I will be able to apply what I learnt in my life now."
 Stephy Lim
 Stafflink Services

"Thank you for the great lesson today! Sometimes we need a reminder to find ourselves again!"
 Chin Tung Hung Tracy
 Katrina Holdings Pte Ltd

"Thank you for the great session Trainer. Yes! I finally let it out! "
 Sarina Safie
 Katrina Holdings Pte Ltd

"This programme enables me to have self-awareness and turns my negative thoughts into positive feelings. I feel more positive after attending the seminar."
 Anne Tay
 AITbiotech Pte Ltd

"Effective solutions designed and proven to tackle issues. Well conducted seminar! Applying it to my daily life for better self-emotional control improvement. Many linkable life experience and examples given by the trainer."
 Cheng Heng Roong
 Blum & Co

"Quite an inspiring session, very interesting."
 Chin Sheow Yin
 Megagoal Pte Ltd

Seminar on Projecting A Professional Image for Career and Business Success

"The correct amount of personal experience shared. Personally feel that it is a good topic to be shared."
 Charmaine Wong Chze Yen
 Miso & Co Pte Ltd

"Interesting topic! Will share this seminar with my other colleagues on the information that I have learnt today. Great job Universal Stage!"
 Gabby Tan
 Abitex Designs (S) Pte Ltd

Seminar on Achieving Personal Effectiveness

"Well Done! I've been reading a lot on these topics. But this course has helped me to remember them and put it into action"
 Angeline Ang Pei Hoon
 Boon Teck Bus Transport Co

"This course is very good for personal planning."
 Lim Ee Pin
 Emtech Wellness International Pte Ltd

"Very detailed and great knowledge given."
 Vivian Lim Yi Ting
 Emtech Wellness International Pte Ltd

"Well done!"
 Alvin Goey Chuan
 Dual-Lite Electric Pte Ltd

"I now have a better understanding of my value and what/how to set my goals. Thank you!"
 Tay Suat Kiang
 AITbiotech Pte Ltd

"I have attended a few programme and found that useful to my personal development"
 Chua Lee Kim
 Neopercept Biotechnology (S) Pte Ltd

Seminar on Conflict Management At Work

"It's an interesting session to help resolve conflicts in office and at home even!"
 Charmayne Tsang
 ABBA Consulting Pte Ltd

"Well-organized. Professional. Prepared."
 Adriana Escano
 ABRY Pte Ltd

"Well done! Thank you so much for this workshop. Appreciate your time & effort! All the best!"
 Jolene Kwok
 Click2view Pte Ltd

"Interesting Subject, Good!"
 Goh Yan Ling
 Creative Moms Pte Ltd

Seminar on Understanding and Managing Customers

"Good frameworks used in dealing with customers. Definitely recommend this seminar for companies that are providing services!
 Muhammad Azhar
 Man Diesel & Turbo Singapore Pte Ltd

"Good sharing session with other counterparts from other field of industries."
 Lim Jingyi
 Selffix Pte Ltd

"I find this seminar very useful and it will surely help me in my future job scope."
 Primrose Valentina
 Zenxin Agri-Organic Pte Ltd

Seminar on Improving Customer Satisfaction through Effective Complaint Management

"I am very satisfied right from the start until the end of the delivery of training. All well so far. Keep it up!"
 Ang Lee Lee
 Acc-Link Management Consultants Pte Ltd

"The trainer is very effective in communicating ideas and concepts."
 Wong Siat Ling
 Leeden Fire Safety Pte Ltd

Seminar on Effective Negotiation Skills

"The training venue was conducive for learning. Trainer was interactive & engaging with relevant training materials such as videos to facilitate the learning process. Keep it up!"
 Ang Lei Sim (Jovin)
 Consultancy Industry

"Although the seminar is a bit short and rush but I have learnt a few tips and hints about negotiation skills. Thank you Trainer and Universal Stage for having us here."
 Anna Goh
 Advertising Industry

"It was definitely entertaining and refreshing. Trainer is knowledgeable and insightful. Highly recommended!"
 Zac Liang
 Technology Industry

"It revealed what I have been doing correctly or wrongly."
 Chen Lee Peng
 IT Industry

"Good points! Good way of conveying messages to participants!"
 Clover Lai
 Consultancy Industry

"Good one!"
 Tan Wee Tien
 Biomedical Industry

"Well done!"
 Tay Siew Li
 IT Industry

"Well done!"
 Viki Ong
 Engineering Industry

"We love the programme."
 Rahmah Ismail
 Mechanical Industry

"A good recap of what we haven done in our daily work time."
 Pearline Goh
 Health Food Industry

"Well done"
 Le Khac Huy
 Mechanical Industry

"As usual, very well-organised."
 Yun Chan
 Food and Beverage Industry

"Thumbs Up!"
 Alvin Goey
 Electrical Industry

Seminar on Self-Positioning At Work

"Interesting & highly relevant real life experiences that boosts the contents of the topic. I love trainings with activity notes."
 Tan Xin Yi
 Securities Research Industry

"Life example are informative."
 Erlin Yeo
 Events Management Industry

"Trainer is humorous and provides useful case studies to support his points."
 Samantha Loo
 Childcare Education Industry

"Trainer was entertaining & kept us awake during the course."
 Alicia Ang
 Real Estate Industry

"Well Done Trainer!"
 Trish Tan
 Web Publisher Industry

Seminar on Setting Achievable Work Goals

"Though it was only a 3-hour workshop, it does triggered thoughts & values for the participants."
 Peggy Lee
 Lagun Sari Wedding & Catering Services Pte Ltd

"Inspired & re-looked into our current goals not only for our job but our personal goals which we have neglected for many years."
 Veronica Tan
 CPR Vision Management Pte Ltd

"Engaging and interesting. Really good tips/reminders: setting clear goals and achieving them and reporting consistently & progressively instead of getting chased. Great job Universal Stage!"
 Tan Xin Yi (Jaz)
 Phillip Securities Research Pte Ltd

"Trainer gave good direct examples related to the programme. Venue is excellent with good tea breaks"
 A&D Printhub

Seminar on Effective Time and Stress Management

"Trainer is engaging and is able to relate the class to our daily routine. Just right for absorption and application. Well done!"
 Shirley Teh
 Advertising Industry

"I’ve learnt to do up the Time Management Matrix and this enables me to be more productive in my work and personal life. Training team provided excellent customer service too. Great job Universal Stage!"
 Sun Xiaohong
 Research Industry

"I’ve learnt to identify what are my time wasters and the methods in managing stress. Training team is very friendly and ensured we are all well taken care of.”
 Annie Tan
 Hotel Industry

"This seminar helps to promote awareness to actively change your lifestyle so as to achieve higher efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Definitely helps in managing stress and have work-life balance. Highly recommended seminar!"
 Velle Wong
 Consulting Industry

"Trainer is able to communicate clearly. Simple and easy to understand seminar."
 Adeline Pay
 Childcare Industry

Workshop on Max Talent

"I think this programme is very well crafted for new employees to the SMEs, especially the 1st few chapters on self-discovery because it makes us think! The trainer is very funny. He is able to maintain interest and gives very relevant examples"
 Alycia Tan
 Monopole Pte Ltd

"Very informative. New aspects to training/learning"
 Mohd Herryhardy

"A good resource for new executives."
 Lena Chong
 Behavioural Consulting Group

"Concise and practical and workshop for PMEs. The Trainer's well-articulated anecdotes made understanding easier and forms deeper impressions of concepts delivered. Great Job Trainer! Thank you!"
 Karen Tan
 Ask Education

"This is a good programme and broaden my knowledge towards knowing my strengths and how i could contribute more to my company. The presenter also did a good job in keeping us interested throughout the programme by getting us to talk or participating in activities."
 Han Wenxing Jeslyn
 CCG Group Pte Ltd

"The trainer used real-life and down to earth examples that we can identify or have experience before. He is engaging and answers to every questions. He likes to joke but his jokes are interweave with examples which allows the examples to be remembered easily and hence able to comprehend the topic more."
 Bernard Chng
 HRM3 Asia

"Dry subject made fun and easy to be absorb. Never thought problem solving, communication could be made easy."
 Lim Jolean
 Kah Lam Hardware Energy Pte Ltd

"The Trainer has proper and relevant experience to perform the workshop. He applies personal experiences into each chapter which makes them easy to understand and he is always engaging. Well done! Excellent!"
 Loke Qi Wan
 Amandate Pte Ltd

"A very good course. Trainer have a lot of example to share with. He is full of energy and able to make the whole class listen. Example provided by the trainer is very interesting. Good Context + Good Trainer!"
 Noorlizah Mohd Said
 1Care Global Service

"Very useful for managers & executives to understand the 'complexities' of an organisation and how each fits into each other to grow the organisation & its value. Highly useful for all executives, mgrs & COO/CEO to fully grasp the benefits"
 Stewart Kiong
 Campaign Complete Solutions

"The programme was very resource and relevant to apply in the work or even personal life experiences or encounters. The trainer is very professional in his sharing and had many experiences/story which was able to relate relevantly and kept my attention level constant"
 Ang Suet Yieng
 Ben Cheng Engineering Pte Ltd

"This course is particularly useful for fresher executives as it provides insights to the corporate world and how companies function."
 Dixon Chew Chee Kiat
 Cargo Community Network

"A MUST attend course for all new employees of any organisation."
 Eduquest International Institute

"Fruitful and resourceful course!"
 Lee Chin Huat
 Micro Filtration

"The Max Talent is good because it's a programme that follows-up with you for 6 months to track progress & help you along the way! Unlike other programme which is usually a 'hit and run'"
 Jeremy Goh
 ETACT Solutions Pte Ltd

"The programme outline is very clear in delivering the insight messages. Discussions were very appropriate as case studies were from facilitator's experiences and sharings. This course is actually not just suitable for newly recruited personnel but i think seniors in the company can also attend to refresh their commitments to the company."
 Huang Keni Connie
 Carpe Diem MI Preschool Pte Ltd

"Max Talent is a well-structured programme for PMEs to develop the necessary skill sets and prepare themselves for the challenges of working in a SME environment."
 Maung Ye Yint Aung
 Huegli Tech Asia Pte Ltd

"Max Talent is a good workshop to expand ones knowledge and practice it in our workplace."
 Teng Jian Liang (Tony)

 Chermont Lau
 Onward Kashiyama Singapore Pte Ltd

"Imformative and interesting programme."
 Vertical Green

"Complete guide on professional development at a simplified manner."

"Very simple and practical examples given. Highly recommended."
 Lek Yee Siang
 Guardian Academy

"The programme helped me to stimulate deeper thinking & analysis of my personal self and how i can contribute better at work. This includes helping my fellow colleagues by sharing with them what i had also learnt from the course. I would recommend this course to my friends and colleagues."
 Tiffer Tan
 Tocco Studios

"Very informative, lively presented and relevant."
 Wong Siew Lan
 Rogers Expo Services

"Trainers are good and quite interactive with real life examples which is easily related to current situation."
 Chai Wei Ling Evangeline
 The Bank Bar Pte Ltd

"The program is really good and provide an insight of culture in SMEs."
 Lian Kian Wee
 Weike(s) Pte Ltd

"Very Good Program. Definitely would recommend it to all SMEs."
 Lau GuanXing Javier
 KaiBeng Wooden Case MFG Pte Ltd

"Fun workshop to attend, i wouldn't mind paying on my own to come back again."
 Yap Chee Ming
 Thinktank IPD(s) Pte Ltd

"This is a very good programme. I thank the trainers for writing such a wonderful chapters to teach us."
 Kalista Koh Siew Kae
 Lagun Sari Wedding & Catering Services Pte Ltd

"A effective and efficient course."
 Ma Jun Jie
 Aztech Heat Exchangers

"I'm completely new in the working industry but through the programme i have gain new knowledge and experience new things so i could make myself an asset to a company. The trainer is very knowledgable and very engaging. I could understand profound knowledge as he is able to give examples that relates."
 Alody Lau
 Sinlight International Grp Pte Ltd

"This programme will benefit HR Personnels and leaders in the company. Plenty of constructive ideas & real life examples & ways to resolve them."
 Trixie Geh
 Jaberson Technology

"It is definitely beneficial for PMEs to attend this workshop."
 Benedict Pang
 Aptus Business Logic Pte Ltd

"Great Programme. Kept me thinking and understand the importance of setting goals at my workplace."
 Melvin Lim Tian Long
 Huffe Pte Ltd

"Programme was very well designed and delivered. I am sure with the skills and knowledge imparted to me over the past few days will greatly aid my intergration in the workplace. Thank you!"
 Marianne Freeman
 New Eastern (1971) Pte Ltd

"A well designed course to allow any PMEs to draw up their individual work plan on Performance Appraisal."
 Chung Yoke Hong
 AJI International Pte Ltd

"Before coming to this programme, I did not have any goals for not only work but also for my personal life. Thank you for giving me this ground to start from today, and an opportunity to explore how much more i can do for both my company and myself."
 Gabrielle Chieng
 Just Education Publishers Pte Ltd

"This is a very practical course and the lecturer has pass us a very positive mindset."
 Ngo Ching Lye
 CNC Pertroleum Pte Ltd

"Its a good programme, to allow PME to identify the strength and weakness. Allow us to identify many things listed in the programme that happens in daily working life and environment."
 Ng Quan Cheng
 Nucleo Consulting Pte Ltd

"This programme benefitted both the new hires and the company. The content helped me to better understand myself, establish SMART goals and track my work performance. This enhanced personal and company growth. Thank you trainer for the useful and interesting 3 days of fruiful sharing in class!"
 Wu Xin Zhen (Kate Hu)
 Hwa Soon Paints Pte Ltd

"The trainer always illustrates cases with real life examples and makes the class interesting and engaged. It would benefit the students greatly to attend this course."
 Terry Phua
 GPS Alliance

"This programme has given me the insights that i need to ensure that I'm able to deliver my work effectively and help my company to progress. The facilitator has been impressive in engaging the class and sharing his personal experiences so as to aid in the understanding of the various topics. I'm glad that I had a chance to be part of this course."
 Jacinta Lee
 Parlour Group Pte Ltd

"Compact 3 days course that aims to teach everything you need to know in a working environment. Fun and creative teaching allows the lesson to be enjoyable."
 Faith Chua
 FFT NMS Pte Ltd

"This programme is effective in getting the concept of good organisation culture as well as to integrate personal habit with work across the class. Trainer was humourous and knowledgable in the areas and were very effective in communicating ideas "
 Cheryl Song Yu Zhu
 LNM Corporate Services

"This is a very useful programme for PMEs to understand their strengths and how best they can maximise their skills and talents to work in conjunction with the company towards a common goal. The part on setting personal KPIs allows the individual and supervisor to each understand and agree on deliverables and thus work together more efficiently and effectively with proper communication"
 Catrina Luo
 Ji Xin Ah Yat Group Pte Ltd

"Facilitator was very engaging. Gave plenty of relatable life examples. Points touched on was practical to bring back to the work place and can be shared with colleagues to improve job flow and productivity"
 Fiona Sim
 Hock Joo Hin Machinery

"This is the best workshop that i have ever attended. Trainer is able to ignite the enthusiam of every participant with 100% engagement. Very Well Done! Trainer. Thank you very much for the effort."
 Neo Ah Sin
 Natural Cool Holdings Ltd

"Fantastic programme that is very well presented. No matter which issues SMEs find complex, they are all broken down to the fundamentals and learnt with 200% enthusiasm and plenty of humour. Highly recommended! Well done!"
 Sam Lai
 DW Links

"An absolute 'Must Attend' course for all PMEs. It equips them with relevant skills to both the PMEs & their supervisors to create an unified goal/s"
 Nigel Ho
 Suncity Maintenance

"The 3 days course encourage me to refresh my dept goal and improvements to help achieve practical and possible results. It also give me the platform to understand my present work situation and duties much better so that I am able to perform much better to achieve goal for myself and my company"
 Jasmine Yew
 TG Development Pte Ltd

"The Max Talent Programme has helped to gain insights that would be useful for me to share and put to good use in my current company. It has also given a new perspective as to how certain aspects of my job can be improved. As an individual, I would be able to self-enhance myself with the knowledge gained. Eg: Problem-solving, can be applied both personally and professionally."
 Kanchana Devi D/o Kuppusamy
 BS Aquatierra

"Relevant content shared by an engaging trainer makes learning enjoyable! Honest sharing and illustrates serves to drive the concept through. Thank you for the program!"
 Andrea Seoh
 Cooking Art Industries Pte Ltd

"The Max Talent has allow me to explore new and innovative ways on how I should do my job, and at the same time allowing me to set new heights for my goals! The notes are well organised. "
 Chen Gang Cheng
 Global Capital Consultancy Pte Ltd

"Very impressed with the trainee. The workshop was well delivered. Not boring. Enhance our knowledge. Better person in the workshop."
 Ong Siew Hay
 Steiling Trend

"After trainer has brought out many points about cycle of life, conjuction with the values of my past experience, this enhance my goal setting & this will be my next turning point of my life."
 Jess Tan
 Spa Club

"I Believe after attending this course, I will be able to lead my team better and help the company grow beyond optimal."
 Tham SuHui

"This is a very interesting and practical program for SMEs employees. With the key features and trainer's lively illustration and detailed explanation, It is therefore easily to absorb the chapter essense"
 Ang Zhee Yuan, Kristine
 Global Capital Consultancy Pte Ltd

"Practical and insightful examples. Relevant to today's contact and interesting"
 Toh Chee Wei Ryan
 Recycle Point Pte Ltd

"Trainer uses appropriate example link helps learners to easily grasp the concept. Hence, leaving the knowledge inprint in the mind."
 Derick Wong
 Dezan Shira

"The programme sharing are good and improved my knowledge."
 Seet Ah Bee
 CCECC Singapore Pte Ltd

"Trainer engaged learners well. Class was interesting and stimulating. He used different examples, personal stories whih motivate me to participate in discussion and sharing session"
 Shanthi Mottokrishan
 Carpe Diem Juniors Pte Ltd

"The program covers all aspects needed for job advancement & helps individuals to know how to work on their current or future job requirements. It encompus a broad scope catering trainee & preparing them forward. A must have program for PME."
 Soh Meng Boon
 Business Connecting Pte Ltd

"Max Talent allows me to understand myself more & learn how much potential I have in myself. It enables me to better understand the necessary skillset I lack & need to better perform at workplace, no matter which field it is."
 Edmond Tan
 Absolute Pte Ltd

"Great course. Highly recommended for more people to attend."
 Sam Wong
 KJ Empire Pte Ltd

"It equipped me with the knowledge to be a better person. Trainer 'damn zai' (very good) interms of knowledge & everything"
 Jason Chua Kim Hock

"This course will provide great informations to management staffs to improve in the future perspect in their work, understand of setting goals and to work towards it."
 Joe Go
 Poh Wah Construction

"It is an enriching course. One of the most interesting course I have attended thus far. Material was great, speaker/trainer was giving full 100% commitment while in the course"
 Zac Yeo
 Smsdome Pte Ltd

"Interesting programme, more than our expectation. Highly recommended for all staff in different position."
 Ma GuangRui
 Sms Infocomm

"Excellent trainer. Very friendly & humorous. He makes the boring lessons/chapters extremely interest. Trainer is both well knowledged & a good teacher. I would be extremely keen in attending his coures"
 Tee I-Min Charlene
 Royal Ocean Marine Enterprise Pte Ltd

"Very engaging and enlighting. Aid in direction of planning to be more specific and importance of goals setting"
 Esther Phoon
 Adept Manpower

"The programme is taught in fun and lively manner with examples"
 Cheryl Chua Hwee Yee
 Creative Culinaire

"Its a very good programme and a trainer with good knowledge for me to move on from my new job"
 Andy Tan Puay Liang
 Fortiz Power

"Programme content is very relevant for SME to adept & apply"
 Roger Soh
 Suki Sushi

"Overall a good programme for understanding the relationship between SMEs and PMEs and how they can work together and benefit each other."
 Vinoth Pannirsilvam
 Hope Technik Pte Ltd

"This programme is very interactive with a lot of knowledge & effort that is placed into this programme. The trainer has a wide array of knowledge that he puts into the course. You will be disappointed, by not attending this course."
 Toh ZhongYang
 Powen Electrical

"Very impressed with our trainer. At such a young age, he shows great knowledge and experiences, I have never enjoyed so much at a training class except for this Max Talent course. Will never sleep in his class as the way he conducts is too interesting and humorous. Thanks to you, Trainer! A very enriching course indeed! "
 Ng GuoYao Johnson
 Poh Wah Recruitment Agency Pte Ltd

"It's a very interesting programme. It will give a clear understanding of the KPI."
 Soh Foong San
 Corpxervices Pte Ltd

"Very engaging workshop! I truely enjoyed the 3 days training with Trainer and the other participants. The Max Talent programme is a very good platform for giving a different view to us about topics that we all know consciously"
 Joelle Kwek
 Wealtharchitects Pte Ltd

"Good interaction and presentation from the trainer with relevant activities for the management of SMEs."
 Foo Siang Fatt, Alexander
 Wisely98 Pte Ltd

"The trainer is an animated presenter with good knowledge of subject matter. He is able to sustain class attention through anecdotes and audience interaction. The content presented is useful for frontline and sales team, and serves as a good revision for mid level management staff."
 Fok Siew Weng

"It was a fruitful 3 full days. I learnt a lot from his life experiences sharing. With that, I am able to relate better. He simplified words that are easy to understand. He keeps me awake for 3 days! I will implement what I have learnt from these sessions and bring out the best in me. Thank You Trainer!"
 Samniah Bte Buang
 Carpe Diem School House

"It is an interesting course that is helpful in finding out more about myself and what are the goals in my life and also how i can contribute to my company."
 Chan Yan Yi
 Biz Vision Consulting Pte Ltd

"This programme is very well structured. And we can know how to plan & analyse situations. And how we can measure performances. Most importantly, we have a very fantastic facilitator."
 Kor Pei Pei
 Bossard Pte Ltd

"I love the way the trainer had taught us during this training. The life experiences that he had shared with us, is very valuable & motivating. This Max Talent, not only help me in better understanding of myself & what I can for for my company, it also help me to gain insight on the purpose of life. It helps me to think & see in a different manner which greatly benefit me in my life, be it work or personal. Thank You!"
 Ariel Ng
 Allterra Consultancy Pte Ltd

" This programme should be extended to all new hires. It allows the new hires to understand and clear about their roles and responsibilities."
 Sandy Tan
 App Systems Svs Pte Ltd

"This is definitely a fruitful and practical training which i was previously quite lost without clear goals and unsure how can I contribute to my current company. After attending this Max Talent, I realised that it is very important to do goal setting which enable me to have a clear picture on what do i really want to achieve. I have also realised that I have indeed possessed some competencies which most of my fellow colleagues don't have and makes me want to do better!"
 Delia Gan
 Beautiful Minds Educations Pte Ltd

"It is beneficial to many individuals that they can learn at least something that they may fail to do in the past and thus help them to get on the right track. Individuals will be able to align their goals with the companies hence improving on the tasks that are to be completed and increase in productivity. Speaker is highly motivating, hence inspiring individuals to work towards their goals effectively."
 Xavier Yue Shu Wen
 Beautiful Minds Educations Pte Ltd

"My main take away as a fresh PME at my company is that the course reminded me off the importance of knowing my role and responsibility in the company as well as the company's value, mission and vision. Also very encouraged to set goals and carry out action plans to achieve it."
 Lim Wei En Benjamin
 Believer Music

"The programme is very interactive and informative. The informations are useful for SMEs."
 Biz Vision Consultancy